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The GTA will admission in two instalments

Submitted by fifafifa on Sun, 01/03/2016 - 16:31

GTA Online, the multiplayer 2K16 MT ancillary of GTA V, was not afterwards its hiccoughs at launch. (Credit: Rockstar) While some players just couldn't get online, others were advertisement added astringent issues, including absent adored games. Now Rockstar has said apologetic with a banknote allowance — bisected a amateur GTA dollars for use in game."For players who accomplished billow server errors, affiliation issues and absent bold advance and characters in these aboriginal canicule of GTA Online, we accomplishment this GTA$ helps to facilitate a beginning alpha or makes your connected action in Los Santos and Blaine County added sweet," said Rockstar on its blog.


The GTA$ will admission in two instalments and will be accessible to anybody who plays GTA Online this ages and installs the latest amend patch.There's no abounding time anatomy for the supply of the "stimulus package", but the aboriginal amount of payments could admission at the end of this week.