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Lingerie is more than a girl’s best friend, as what it does for a woman’s body is no less compared than the function of seasonal foods on the human body. Not only keeping the breast in proper shape ever during the period of post-pregnancy, beautiful brassieres also enhances the visual effects of a woman’s body.

The national and global retailers manufacture lingerie without keeping a strict idea that women are only their target customers. Lingerie is also purchased by men for some main purposes as a necessity for the majority of women – as a fashion statement, to support the sensitive body parts and to increase the sexual appeal, attraction and desire.

In this article, we will try to find out what the founder of, Neha Kant thinks about a few lingerie trends that’s sure to hit in this year, The Indian Express elaborates.

Fairytale lingerie

These days, the lingerie made up in fairy tale style is becoming quite popular among the fashion aficionados. The designs are inspired by the tales ofDisney princesses like Rapunzel and Cinderella. The use of silk, satin and frills is extensive to extract the sophisticated piece of lingerie.

Organic lingerie

This category consists of bra-and-underwear sets to sporty tape bras paired with high-waisted briefs, which are made to ensure the end-users that their skin breathes and get absolute comfort from the intimate wears. The organic merchandise is completely chemical-free and designed for daily use. The products are available in various colors, sizes and cuts to reliably go with any version of you.

Vintage collection

The today’s style statement of lingerie is resurrecting the 1980’s and 1990’s high-cut bottoms, sporty and minimalist aesthetic designs and many women are going for these. Various designers have fantastically elevated the designing of the Cuban heel stockings and the stylish waist cinchers for today’s women.

Harness Bras

The women can wear these strappy bras alone or by pairing with some light or transparent attire (sarees, loose tank tops or open back tops) to augmentfashion.

“Be it a sophisticated black piece with soft jersey cups, or a colourful, multi-strapped design, these harness bras are the ultimate alternative to the modestcamisole — giving new life to a blouse or sheer top,” The Statesmen noted.Read more at: |