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Genshin Impact 3.6 release date, time, and banner leaks

Submitted by xhy082801 on Thu, 03/02/2023 - 23:38

Genshin Impact has released its latest patch 3.5 updates, but players happen to be looking forward to the upcoming patch. With the current Archon Quests bringing new developments towards the storyline, they'll be curious about what goes on next.

Although officials have confirmed Baizhu and Kaveh's debut, little else has been revealed concerning the patch 3.6 update. Fortunately, the most recent leaks and speculations have revealed a lot of information about the patch's release date and time towards the event with character banners. Here is everything players need to know concerning the Genshin Impact 3.6 update from the most recent leaks.

With the discharge of the 3.5 updates, HoYoverse officials are yet to announce anything concerning the upcoming patch 3.6. Considering the developers have returned to following a six-week patch cycle, the brand new 3.6 update could be anticipated to go survive April 12, 2023, at 11:00 (UTC+8). Let's remember that the servers go under maintenance before the brand-new patch is rolled out.

During this server downtime, players are going to be unable to access their accounts or log in to experience Genshin Impact. Free Primogems are passed out as compensation for that inconvenience. These rewards could be claimed through the in-game mailbox.

Baizhu is going to be a five-star Dendro character and can use Catalyst weapons. Known to make his first appearance throughout the Liyue patch update, he was the only real character recognized to have Dendro vision before the 3.0 update.

Many Genshin Impact players happen to be eagerly waiting for the owner of Bubu Pharmacy to become a playable character. Recent leaks have confirmed that his abilities revolve around him to simultaneously deal harm to enemies and heal nearby allies. It was also revealed that his abilities are scaled to his max HP (health).

Kaveh, however, is going to be a four-star character and employ Claymore weapons in Genshin Impact. The Akademiya graduate scholar is really a high-profile estimate in the industry for his first-class architectural skills.

Based on the most recent leaks, Kaveh has everything he needs to become Bloom/ Hyperbloom DPS. His ability allows him to improve Dendro cores DMG and supply self-healing. Additionally, he is able to also increase his normal, charged, and plunging attacks and infuse all of them with Dendro to manage Dendro DMG.

Every Genshin Impact update brings four event-wish character banners. With Baizhu's debut within the patch 3.6 update, players will be interested in what remains. Recent leaks and speculations suggest the character is going to be joined by three rerun banners.