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generating tax under false pretenses.

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, or fabricated story.Fred Perry, Surrey, B.billRe: Oliver’s Budget-Bill Craftiness, wedding gowns with sleeves Michael Den Tandt, April 10.Finance Minister Joe Oliver proposes introducing legislation to commit this and future governments to balanced budgets, except in times of strictly defined emergencies (one can readily imagine how strict that definition will deteriorate over the years).Presuming this is desirable, would it also be a good idea to treat the Canadian debt as a mortgage and pay it off over the next 25 years?To show how easy (or difficult!this would be, what would the arithmetic of this look like?To be unrealistically simple, let’s assume constant dollars and a zero per cent interest mortgage (Wouldn’t we all love one!to be even more unrealistic.a year per Canadian, with the above assumptions.It would be easy enough to build a more realistic model, which would easily double this amount.for our children and grandchildren?Mike Spence, Victoria.Protection costsRe: Time To Assert Our Power, John Ivison, April 9.The primary beneficiary from the dismantling of our supply management system has always been the consumer, and more specifically the low-income consumer.However, as study after study has shown, dairy farmers in countries where the supply management system has been phased out, also saw a significant benefit, in the rise of their overall profitability.Confusing is just but one word of many to describe the stance of the Dairy Farmers of Canada, which insists on maintaining a system that actually keeps average dairy farmers from actually increasing their profitability.There is no confusion, however, behind the motives of all our politicians, who put their own narrow electoral motives ahead of trade deals that would benefit every Canadian, including the protected dairy industry.Jeff Spooner, Kinburn, Ont.This article suggests that it’s impossible to sign a significant international trade agreement while maintaining supply management.History proves otherwise.The government of Canada has successfully negotiated 12 trade agreements with 43 countries since 1994 and all of these have opened new markets, improved trade rules, and preserved supply long sleeve wedding dresses management.This is a successful negotiating formula that can be replicated in the Trans-Pacific Partnership.It works because Canada is already the sixth-largest importer of agri-food products and first on a per capita basis; we don’t need to take any lessons on market access from other countries, even in supply management.Take chicken production for example.Canada is the 15th-largest importer of chicken in the world.We are also the third most valuable market for U.chicken exports and import more chicken than six of the other 11 TPP countries (including the U.We stand behind the market access we provide and are proud of the great value we provide Canadian consumers.Historically, the government of Canada has successfully concluded many bilateral and regional trade agreements that preserve supply management, and we are confident that they will be able to do it again at the TPP.Mike Dungate, executive director, Chicken Farmers of Canada, Toronto.Should private businesses be forced to serve customers they don’t want to?Re: Fashion Royalty, April 4.Margaret Atwood’s criticism of the Duchess of Cambridge’s unfashionable style is unwarranted.There are no stark differences in the impeccable dress styles between the late Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge.Atwood’s comments remind me of art history professors’ lectures making observational comparisons of motifs which were stretched just to make a point.explains my feeling of being offended back in 1981 upon signing her book, Bodily Harm, (ironically, a book intertwined with a fashion theme) when I was a University of Toronto smile or thank you.which was further from the truth.No doubt, fashionable styles pass but memorable feelings do not.Smadar Meiri, Thornhill, Ont.Duffian insightsRe: The Trial During Which All Becomes Clear, Andrew Coyne, April 7.Guilty or not of the charges against him, and whether he’s proven a political pawn or a public-purse predator, Mike Duffy is about to give the country a shocking glimpse behind the velvet curtain that separates the inexpensive wedding dresses hidden workings of high office from those who unknowingly fund its arcane employment practices.The country is about to get that deserving insight not from Duff, the informed inside-Ottawa reporter, but from a perturbed, often petulant (and possibly convicted) Canadian senator.The jury is still out on whether his journey up Parliament Hill will be judged more slippery than the trip down.Why didn’t Mike Duffy just go get a loan at Money Mart?It would have saved everybody a lot of trouble.Terry Toll, Campbell s Bay, Que.False budgetingRe: Ottawa Sells Remaining Stake In GM, April 7.Selling the government’s General Motors shares is a bogus way to balance the budget.It is like selling the family silverware to pay the mortgage.It is a one-time deal and will create only an illusion of solvency.In the long term, next year for instance, the deficit will be back to haunt the government.However, it won’t care since by then the election will have happened.Carbon scamRe: Leave Carbon Pricing To The Provinces, Glen Hodgson, April 7.A tax on carbon will achieve the same results as a tax on hassium or any other of the 118 elements in the peroidic table with respect to climate control, viz.To claim that it will be a benefit is a scam, a means of generating tax under false pretenses.A pox on those who implement the tax.Douglas Stallard, New Glasgow, N.We don’t need another tax and that is just what this carbon scam is going to be.The idea that it will fight climate change is ludicrous, it will just line government coffers.In reality, the global movement on climate change is still being perpetuated by the same bunch of doomsayers, and their biggest worry is that ordinary folks are starting to wise up to this money-making charade that will go down as the biggest hoax e