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Gasket Types & Their Uses

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What Is A Gasket?
A gasket seals two mating surfaces that do not exactly align by storing energy similar to that of a spring. Fills the gap between two items, usually to stop leakage between the two objects while they are being compressed.
Gasket Manufacturer
Gasco INC is a leading Gasket Manufacturers in India. Gaskets have been created utilising premium raw materials and cutting-edge technology in compliance with regional and global industry requirements. In Mumbai, India, we provide a variety of gasket kinds. Additionally, we supply gland packings, O rings, seal rings, and gaskets of various kinds. Our goods are of the highest calibre and are ISO certified. We at Gasco INC produce a variety of gaskets for industrial use that hold up under the most demanding circumstances. 
Types of Gasket We Manufacturer and Supply

  • PTFE Sheet Gasket
  • Expanded PTFE Sheet Gasket
  • Ring Joint Gasket 
  • Metal Jacketed Gasket
  • Spiral Wound Metallic Gasket
  • Graphoil Ring Gasket
  • Flange Insulation Gasket 
  • Industrial Cut GasketRubber Gaskets
  • Ceramic Gasket
  • Flexible Graphite Gasket

Application Of Gasket
Gasco INC is one of the leading Gaskets Manufacturers in India. Gaskets are used in the building and construction industries, the petrochemical industry, the oil and gas industry, and the chemical industry. The following are the various industries that employ gaskets in their day to day process :

  • Gasket used it in the Process industry
  • Gaskets are used in the Petrochemical industry
  • Gaskets are used in the Chemical & Pharmaceutical industry
  • Gaskets are used in Pulp and paper industry
  • Gaskets are used in Food and beverage industry
  • Gaskets are used in the Sugar industry
  • Gaskets are used in Flange & Pipe connections

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