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Fuze Bug Is Fully Waterproof And Weather Proof

Submitted by theoaims on Sun, 08/01/2021 - 07:20

Fuze Bug can be classified as a versatile gadget that packs a lot of things in a small package. The plethora of features that it has to offer can be mind-boggling when you think about the fact that its main purpose is still to only act as a bug repellent. And, when you add all the other additional features and qualities into the mix, the value proposition just goes up a notch. The FuzeBug is packed with features and the biggest thing that it has going for it is convenience. Everything ranging from the weatherproof body to the solar cells screams convenience for the user and that's exactly what makes it so great. When it comes to features, the primary purpose of the Fuze Bug is to repel and exterminate annoying insects around you. There are many avenues for doing that like using a spray or oil. However, Fuze Bug's method of using a powerful 1000V high voltage zap is arguably the most effective one. The entire sensor and light system to attract bugs has a wide range of 375 square feet, meaning that there is no way any insects can invade your personal space while you're rocking the Fuze Bug. For instance, if you're up in the mountains, you need something that can withstand those sub-zero temperatures. Likewise, if you're crossing a desert, your gadgets need to be able to work under extreme heat as well. Therefore, keeping these extreme conditions in view, Fuze Bug has been constructed to be fully waterproof and weatherproof. So, you can trust it to work under the harshest of conditions and help you with getting rid of the bugs around you.