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Former FIFA secretary general was grounded for 12 years

Submitted by playerhot on Thu, 05/18/2017 - 17:28

Former FIFA secretary general was grounded for 12 years

For allegedly selling television rights, tickets, and divert the FIFA World Cup public funds, the former fifa 17 points account secretary general Mr By FIFA's ethics committee to grounded in 12 years of severe punishment, may be undertaken in 12 years and participate in any activities related to football. Another powerful groups within FIFA's fall. Ethics committee has officially start the investigation procedure of DE g, was to investigate the problem of the val grams of scalping tickets for the World Cup that subsequently found involving DE g more and more serious violations.

Such as anwar, attempt to put the television in 2018 and 2022 World Cup and media rights package sold to a third party, cost is far lower than the market value, in addition in 2018 and 2022 World fifa 17 points Cup in the decision to vote on the issue of violation. At the same time val himself was destroyed in the process of investigation and deleting evidence, block related department investigation, therefore, ethics committee in nine years, on the basis of grounded added 3 years "sentence".

Platform in September, 2015, Stockholm was charged with the 2014 Brazil World Cup ticket scalping, as was the FIFA suspended for 90 days, then to be formally expelled from FIFA. Anwar g 2003 workers to FIFA, his position is marketing director at that time, but since it involves disputes and sponsors, three years later was fired, but in 2007, with hard-core and blatter, anwar grams of magic as fifa 17 coins
secretary general, began 8 years of the apprentice.

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