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flotilla iot introduces a revolutionary web based fleet management system

Flotilla IoT proudly announces the launch of an exquisite fleet management system designed to assist businesses in managing their fleets effectively. It works on the real-time data fetching mechanism through a GPS tracking device. The web-based flexible design is tailor-made to meet the requirements of various kinds of businesses. It contains several integrated modules to streamline the data flow and automate operations.

Flotilla IoT's fleet management system offers integration with excellent GPS tracking and fleet monitoring apps. The completely responsive app is available for both Android and IOS devices. The main objective behind the making of a fleet telematics system is to provide businesses a once and for all solution for complete operational control.

The main features of the Flotilla IoT's system are given below:

Real-time Tracking:

With the help of a GPS tracking device or FX tracker app, the fleet management system shows the units' real-time tracking (vehicles). The software user can view the run-time route of a unit along with motion status at various time instants. The tracking history of every trip can also be saved and viewed whenever required. With the ‘Time Machine’ feature, a user can replay the entire trip along with its directions and activity statuses.

Flotilla IoT’s fleet telematics system offers detailed and summary reports for various templates. From Trip and Engine Hour to Fuel reports, the template generator creates all kinds of reports. Different reports can also be merged together according to the requirements.


Flotilla IoT system offers different notification options to the user for remembering every important event and action. Every notification option has several sub-categories providing more customization settings. The notification alerts can be set on web-based pop-ups, SMS, and Email to ensure that notification is not missed even on the move.

Unlike conventional GPS Tracking Software , Flotilla IoT offers a detailed monitoring mechanism to manage fleets efficiently. Apart from GPS live tracking, Flotilla IoT offers monitoring for motion status, speed, fuel level, driver behavior, geo-fence, and much more. The data for all these aspects is updated in real-time, keeping the user informed about the unit's latest condition. This comprehensive monitoring module is beneficial in ensuring the security of the vehicle and enhancing productivity.

Mobile Apps: Flotilla IoT offers integration with two mobile apps name Flotilla IoT app and FX Tracker App.

Flotilla IoT App: Flotilla IoT is a cross-platform fleet monitoring mobile app that offers features like Live Tracking, Unit Details, Tracking History, Notification History, etc. With the help of this user-friendly app, the user can remain updated regarding fleet activity from anywhere.

FX Tracker App:
FX Tracker App is a GPS tracking app providing accurate information regarding the movement of a vehicle. It is available for both Android and IOS and is easily downloadable. Its integration with Flotilla IoT software allows the real-time monitoring and maintenance of a unit. One excellent feature of FX Tracker is that it can record data offline, which can be fetched later when the internet connection is restored.

The vehicle's maintenance is a big headache for fleet managers, and flotillaiot is aware of it, offering a seamless mechanism for maintaining the fleet. By mentioning the type of maintenance ranging from engine oil to parts of the vehicle, one can keep an eye on its progress. The maintenance progress is updated automatically in real-time, ensuring the convenience of the user. You can also schedule notification for any maintenance so that it does not get missed.