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Flooring traditional model

Flooring industry development in China for many years, with the industry continues to move forward, a series of industry issues increasingly prominent, has become a stumbling block to hinder business forward, where overcapacity as the more prominent issues, but also much-needed business caused concern. In the supply and demand imbalance, the inventory of flooring market, companies want to break the shackles of the traditional model of a legacy, corrosion-resistant fence Manufacturers it is necessary to change the development mode. Overcapacity problems have hindered the development of flooring companies Market-oriented economic downturn, the development of the traditional flooring industry caused a huge impact, the face of such undesirable development trend, many companies began to make efforts to explore the floor of the law to seek a breakthrough, but the product has always been able to escape the homogenization disadvantages root.

Nowadays, the traditional store model has not fully adapted to the current flooring business development model, and how traditional flooring companies how to survive in the face of this huge test it? How to get rid of excess capacity hinder, the development of a new way to find it ? Looking at today's flooring market,what sizes does wood board the traditional store model after a long period of development after already entrenched, then you want to get the development in the new environment is not desirable expansion through the traditional model. Only companies want to change the status quo through the upgrading of the industrial breakthrough, transformation and innovation, to find a new business model to replace the traditional model, can play a role in expanding the market.

Is clear is that the future of the store and auto baked must be "revenue model and business model" adjustments. And this process of adjustment must be diversified a leaning bench on a deck Flooring company winning the market needs to be done long-term plans This reporter has learned, in order to face the market overcapacity, economic development downturn, OSIM floor already begun development of the road diversified sales channels, in addition to the line of stores, as well as the appropriate official online flagship store, but all in the quality of the products sold are carefully selected through OSIM floor before, online and offline products are a quality guarantee.