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Flooring companies expand the market

Although the flooring industry has had a relatively broad market base, but for flooring companies, market development work is need to focus on the job of all. Flooring company in the market expansion process, there must be a corresponding development strategy to guide, in order to achieve a balance of resources, the purpose of steady progress. Flooring company first established base Development of the market just as the war, if the flooring business best players together, composite decking weigh more than wood well-equipped, and the troops relatively high, it can be used "to invade strategic" approach into the enemy's heart; if fewer personnel, the team weak, the poor and the enemy forces, on not "to look for a job on their own muzzle hit" and the first to establish their own "base", to survive by first base, after the development, and then counterattack.

So, flooring companies in market development and expansion of the process, you can clearly analyze their own resources and develop specific development status quo expansion strategy, resulting in the market's resource allocation process, it can form a rational layout, avoid channel conflict. It began to expand the scope of radiation from base Flooring company may be in the same area in existing markets, expand the way to take in the region,manufacture or construct pergolas in bloemfontein after the completion of a development area, again into another new area of ​​expansion strategy, particularly in terms of this expansion strategy is one area the target market for auto market expansion "base" of intensive cultivation, the "base" of the market bigger, stronger, so deep, so thoroughly, and become the future to further expand the dealer base and the backing of other areas.

In the base market overwhelmingly dominated and absolutely stable after further approaching to the surrounding area as a base to gradually roll forward, penetration, and finally to "A single spark can start a prairie fire," occupy the entire regional market. The so-called "living planted a tree,important characteristics of solids a forest achievement," this strategy in market operations relatively stable, orderly, the most critical is the floor and dealers can focus their limited resources to the most important market up, Avoid front pull too long, shop stalls too large, leading to follow-up support is not in place and the big fluctuations and losses. This is also one of the strategic business more robust type of floor favored.