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Find Best Human Hair Extensions Suppliers to Import Quality Hair at Competitive Price

Submitted by joshuakyol on Mon, 09/10/2018 - 12:36

Those who worry about low volume of hair can find the Indian hair extensions as the best option to not only enhance their hair volume but also try out many more new hair styles. There is lot of demand for the Indian hair extensions and hence many import natural hair from India. The best human hair extensions suppliers like Hair Exim from India source virgin hair from the temple auctions held by the government. The devotees especially in South India offer their hair in the temples as part of their tradition and rituals which is later auctioned by the government. As the hair is given voluntarily in the temples you can find best quality hair in all types readily available from the temples that is sourced by the hair suppliers from India who later process the hair and export it to different countries. The Hair Exim offers virgin hair that is not processed or coloured in any form but has been collected carefully which has been cut by tying of the hair to maintain the direction of the cuticle makes the best choice for hair extensions or wigs that look quite natural and blend well with the original hair.

You can find the Hair Exim offering you different types of hair for import like the Indian body wave hair extensions, virgin straight cut hair, wavy machine weft hair, virgin bulk grey hair, hand weft hair extensions and many more which are graded based on the strength, elasticity, moisture retention and consistency based on the which the price varies. You can be assured that when you are sourcing hair from reliable suppliers like Hair Exim you can be assured about the quality where the hair cuticles are not stripped and are in one aligned direction to make good hair extensions. Moreover, the suppliers follow standard procedures in washing and drying the hair using only natural herbal shampoos before packing them for export. The 100% natural Indian temple hair is easy to maintain and don’t contain any synthetic mixture of hair to offer a natural look to the hair.

You can in fact go through the whole process of hair sourcing and treatment online before placing your order with Hair Exim. The suppliers are available 24/7 for you to discuss your requirements and place an order online. The payment can be done online and the product shall be exported in the best quality offering 100% customer satisfaction.

Hairexim is a professional supplier in the human hair field who is capable of designing and producing virgin indian hair extensions. We are also providing a wide range of Indian body wave hair extensions in India at reasonable prices. For more info about us, please do visit us online

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