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Fifa 17 video game causes a stir by suggesting

Submitted by playerhot on Mon, 03/20/2017 - 16:24

Fifa 17 video game causes a stir by suggesting Irishman Damien Delaney struggles to learn English

In the latest version of the popular fifa 17 coins PlayStation and Xbox game, fifa 17, the virtual version of Irish footballer Damien Delaney appears to have trouble settling into life in London.

Despite playing for London club Crystal Palace for the past four years, Twitter user Sean McKay captured a screenshot from the game that shows the virtual player asking to leave Britain.

In a message that appears designed for the video game’s non-English speaking players, the Cork defender’s character complains that he’s struggling to master the English language.

Humorously, in the cheap fifa 17 coins player conversations section of the game, Delaney also seems to complain about British food and culture.

“It’s nothing personal boss, I just don’t like the country, I’m struggling with the language and I hate the food and the culture. I’ll never be able to settle here and even though everybody at the club has been kind to me, I think it’s best if I get away as soon as possible,” the videogame fut 17 coins message reads.

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