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FIFA 16 is available for EA Access Members 5 days in advance

Submitted by playerhot on Thu, 09/24/2015 - 19:39

It is confirmed that EA Access members can play FIFA 16 5 day in advance than other gamers. Playing FIFA 16 and other EA Sports games 5 days earlier than the official release date is the special treatment for all the Access fifa 16 pc coins Members.

This news has been announced officially at E3 press event by EA. Players on Microsoft Xbox One console can play the whole game 5 days earlier than its official release date instead of waiting for FIFA 16 release date. But only EA Access Members can enjoy this special treatment. All EA games have this feature.

The Xbox One gamers will dirty there hands with EA fifa 16 ios coins Access till the day EA release the game. The gamers on the Xbox 360, PS4 or PS3 console don’t have this privilege.

The same thing has been done by EA last year.
The EA fifa 16 android coins Access Members have also enjoyed this privilege last year. They can play the game ahead of the official releasing date.

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