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Features that you can take advantage of electronic tags

Electronic type labels are one of the best alternatives for price management in the field of Retail. It consists of a technology that replaces the conventional paper label usually used on supermarket shelves or any other type of item using LCD or electronic ink technology, “e-ink.” Through this technique, various informative data can be displayed to customers effectively.
Shelf Labels are a type of technology that is included in the labelling of products. It is considered an essential tool to improve a Retail business's efficiency level. In other words, it is an option that minimizes human errors, saves money on personnel, and manages advanced promotion and pricing strategies. Keeping up to date with the latest technologies and identifying the importance of using these tools is taking advantage of their advantages concerning customer trust.

What is ESL – electronic label?
Retailers tend to use the ESL – Electronic Shelf Label system to have the opportunity to label any product to present certain price information on the respective shelves. Likewise, the ESL allows the disclosure of data and information related to the products sent from a central server using low-energy consumption infrared technology.
What do companies require to take advantage of ESL?
Electronic Shelf Labels are replacement tools for the paper label, displaying information related to the product's price. It consists of small screens displaying prices through an electronic device connected and operating thanks to a specific information system. These elements work through infrared technology. These devices work according to a specific process, which is responsible for transmitting information through the following steps:

  • Communications station. It is responsible for the long-distance transmission of information, specifically from the software to the label.
  • Label management softwareElabels is a program that allows the system's configuration, the integrity of the database, and the label's properties.
  • Reception at the ESL. It is the electronic label as such, through which the information is disclosed on the respective screen, and an update confirmation is sent to the system.

What benefits does an electronic label offer?
These electronic labels have various benefits, such as:

  • Provide descriptive information about the products.
  • Publicize a promotion graphically.
  • Inform about allergens of a specific product.
  • Mention the number of items available in a warehouse.
  • Possibility of updating the prices of the products of one store or several at the same time.

Why install an electronic label in the business?
When managing large quantities of products, managing prices and important customer data is essential. This is why they are ideal tools that contribute significantly to businesses. Digital Shelf Labels are technologies established to solve problems stemming from certain human price management errors.

Through this model of electronic tags, it is possible to have high-resolution displays for legibility and excellent resolution of graphics and texts. This type of ESL is characterized by the following:

  • Low lighting reflections.
  • They display barcodes that can be read, including two-dimensional codes, QR codes, product photos, etc.
  • More display space for prices, promotions, photos, and product information.
  • Smart clips are available to display more promotional material.