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Fashionable women love these three colors

Submitted by blueandred on Mon, 12/13/2021 - 19:13

The choice of clothing color can sometimes affect the success or failure of the outfit. Different colors can create various temperaments. This winter, if you just try a black long coat, it will be a bit monotonous and boring. You may wish to change to the following three types of colors to create a very fashionable and western coat.
Fresh colors-blue, green
The characteristics presented in each season are different. The overall shape of the winter can easily show a heavy atmosphere. At this time, colors can be used to modify. For example, fresh blue can always make people perceive a pure and beautiful picture.
Wearing like a blue long coat can show a variety of styles. The matching interior can be a turtleneck or a sweater, and the color can also be different from light blue and dark blue to create a simple and clean color.
No matter how old or young a woman is, you can try a blue long coat directly. This is because this color does not have too bright saturation, and it will not be as non-existent as some too low-key colors. There is almost no requirement for personal appearance, and it can create a variety of temperament such as quietness, literature and art, freshness, gentleness and so on.
Like the combination of a blue long coat and white loose wide-leg pants, it can show a very refreshing picture. Adding a blue scarf or a silk scarf to the styling will give a sense of hierarchy.
Blue and green can be the colors that construct fresh features at the same time, acting in the coat, which is different from the boring characteristics of wearing a black coat. The use of blue is actually divided into various shades, but it is recommended that everyone use lighter blue, after all, the fresh beauty brought by this color system is even more impressive.
For the selection of green items, you can focus on long coats in mint green or lake green to ensure the burst of personal vitality. Whether it is green or blue long coats, they all have more or less restrictions in terms of color matching. Blue can be directly matched with white, and green can be combined with white or black, which is very distinctive.
Calm color-earth color
For women who don't have a lot of clues on the choice of color, if you don't want to try a black or white long coat directly, you can also switch to a calm color, such as earthy color. Earth colors are divided into many types. Caramel and coffee are the more popular types. The composition of these two types of colors is not very obvious, and it can create a shape that meets the requirements of commuting.
For example, the matching of these two sets of earth-colored coats will not be particularly exaggerated, and the color shaping will not be very fancy, which can be controlled by many women.
In the selection of earth-colored coats, you can choose a certain color first, and then consider the matching method. In addition to brown, camel and khaki are also good types. They can create a generous effect and make the coat show a simple feature.
In the use of trousers, it is necessary to maintain the neat characteristics of the trousers, so that it will not look too cumbersome to wear when matching the knee-length earth-colored coat. Like neat jeans or suit pants, they can fit long coats with simple colors.
Control the difficult colors-pink, red, orange
Every day wears a fixed color and a fixed matching method, which will definitely make people feel that these looks are the same, without a bright spot, you can try to change the color of the coat in winter, and you can adopt some difficult colors to form it. Breakthrough not only improves the individual's collocation ability, but also can effectively improve the individual's image and enhance the individual's temperament. Colors that are difficult to control include pink and red.
Let's start with the red long coat. The saturation of this color will indeed be higher, but it is not without advantages to repeat. It can reflect the bright and feminine temperament and feminine image of a mature woman. When matching colors, Just remember to add more basic colors and use less complex colors.
In fact, the effect of the pink long coat can not be underestimated. Don't ignore the formation of its charm because of the color. As long as you find your own suitable color system, as long as you find the appropriate matching skills, you can always wear it beautifully and foreignly. .
Like a long pink coat, if the color system is darker, it can conform to the style of mature women and their appearance characteristics, creating a different effect, and between the inner and trousers, adopt the principle of black mutual matching, a set of simplicity The color scheme is created.
The black coat has long fallen out of favor. Too many people use it, and it is impossible for its advantages to be quickly presented. On the contrary, personal characteristics will also be submerged in this ordinary clothing.
If the skin is fairer, you can try a long orange coat. The use of color, with a little creamy orange blend, will make the picture more gentle, but quite vigorous. This kind of color can often capture people's sight, and the single product of the basic color will not step on the thunder.Read more at:white formal dresses | long evening dresses