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Fashion Trend – Would You Wear Black Peplum Dresses?

Submitted by anhe on Thu, 09/24/2015 - 23:25

After Michelle Williams showcasing her fabulous peplum gown on the Oscar red capet, trend of peplum seem to have a resurgence. With a black peplum dress, lots of dresses tailored in this way are everywhere this spring. For a simple lady-like take on this trend, look no further than the newest stylish fashion icon Kate Middleton, who was recently spotted wearing a peplum dress. Here at, we take a further dig into this trend. Read on to check them out!

Inspired by a look Emma Watson wore earlier, the perfect peplum party dress in sparkly sequins would be vibrant and too cute for words. The sequins add a splash of glamour to a simple skirt, making it more night-out appropriate. Pair with simple jewelry and slip into some stilettos for a look that is girly, yet totally chic.

This style is a godsend, it can hide a multitude of sins whilst still looking fashionable! It’s a very clever style as it gives all body shapes what they are looking for. It can give rectangles the curves they always want. It gives strawberries the volume on the bottom to balance the top half. Peplums also hide apples mid section and defines them a waist. Peplums are good for pear shapes as the peplum can start at the waist which can hide their hips and emphasise the waist. Hourglasses suit this style too as it enhances their small waist.

Hopefully this post will help when you are next shopping and trying to pick out a new dress! Just remember that everyone is different and that you should dress for you and wear what you feel comfortable in, not what the latest trends are!Just when you think, peplum is taking over the fashion scene globally; it unfurls more fashion on girl world and the rest becomes history!