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Fashion show displays culture

Submitted by blueandred on Thu, 11/19/2015 - 20:42

Cerritos College is hosting it’s second annual International Education Week, sponsored by the Office of International Student Services, which started on Monday and will continue through Thursday with various events to enlighten students on different cultures.

Students, faculty, staff and administrators came together to put on a fashion show to showcase the history of Mexican fashion from the different regions of Mexico.

The fashion show is part of a series of events that Cerritos is conducting as a way for the college to bring light to international education.

The collection that the models were wearing was brought by Genevieve Barrios, the director of community programs at the Bowers Museum.

Barrios created these presentations not only of the Mexican culture, but of others as well to promote the beauty that different cultures have to offer.

Barrios said, “You don’t just educate the people about the culture, you also educate the models about the richness that there is to any culture. In the Mexican culture, it always amazes me on how little some people know about history.

“A lot can be said and definitely seen through what men and women wore from the different regions in Mexico.”

Barrios also went on to speak about how the clothes are more than just articles that you wear, but also a statement to who the Mexican people are.

The fashion show also allowed the spectators to take part in the show and experience it by actually getting to wear some of the pieces Barrios brought in that were not worn by the models.

One of those spectators was Patricia Smith, director of community education.

“I really like this because I did not know much about the different Mexican garb and wear so it was cool to learn about that by seeing the different students and people who work here model those items of clothing,” Smith said.

Not all the models used for the fashion show were of Mexican descent, instead they were from different cultures.

The purpose of this week is to mix and blend people together from different backgrounds and get students to become more culturally understanding.

David Tilahun, international admission specialist, said, “We want these students to become globally aware and become a better person in serving the United States by hosting these events, but a week is not enough.”

He also expressed how Norma Rodriguez, director of student services, wants to extend these events throughout the year and as of right now, events are being planned.Read more at:prom dresses 2015 | celebrity dresses