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'Exercise has helped me through break-up'

Submitted by blueandred on Mon, 01/04/2016 - 19:18

Reality star Kourtney Kardashian has turned to exercise to help her deal with the anxiety built up since her split from Scott Disick.

The 36-year-old and her partner of nine years separated in June (15), and while she has put a brave face for the media, she admits on her website to feeling less calm now she's single.

The unsettled feeling has put her off food at times, but she has kicked off the new year by realising she needs to keep fit and healthy to look after her three children with Scott, and so she has increased her exercise regime.

"Everyone deals with hard times in their lives differently," she began in a new post. "I'm generally not a nervous person but I get anxious. I also get nauseous and feel like I can't eat when it is really bad, but I force myself to stay healthy.

"One thing I've found that really helps is working out. I try to exercise 5 days a week. I usually start with a quick run or jumping rope to warm up. I have to do something fast to really kill it. And I definitely need good music."

The star has shown off her efforts in recent social media snaps, posting one picture on Instagram which revealed her toned torso while exercising in her home gym, but she insists her physical appearance isn't her only motivation.

"People are very quick to judge others by appearances but you truly don't know what someone's motivation is or what is going on inside them," she added. "For me, exercise is as much about my body as it is about calming my mind."

Kourtney isn't the only Kardashian using exercise as a tool for recovering from a love split. Her younger sister Khloé has also transformed her body since announcing her plans to divorce husband Lamar Odom in December 2013.Read more at:evening gowns | prom dresses 2015