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End positioning fashion design

Flooring enterprises to strengthen quality supervision and inspection It is understood that some enterprises to produce low-quality plywood, a key indicator of its mechanical properties, formaldehyde and other substandard, its processed into wardrobes, cabinets, flooring, doors, furniture and other products endanger the health of consumers, damaged the reputation of the industry . Indeed, when in recent years, the flooring industry on product environmental indicators,snap together deck tiles canadian tire but off, excessive formaldehyde emission products, quality inspection reports are not standardized, the product does not match the inspection report and the inspection report or no problems have occurred, which inevitably with the upstream wood-based panels industry has a certain relationship.

Plywood industry for the current existence of all the difficulties, wooden flooring companies need to pay close attention to integrity, rapid restructuring and cost of porch flooring In terms of the introduction of production of raw materials, flooring companies should uphold the integrity of management, the use of good environmental quality of raw materials; in the production process, enterprises should further enhance the production of mechanization and automation level, in order to reduce production costs. Of course, in addition to wood flooring enterprises to strengthen self-discipline, the other parties to the relevant legal departments also need to work.

Shenzhen high-end positioning design trends Shenzhen is known as the design capital, has been relying on the furniture design to conquer the world, export enterprises and the national market first sized, some companies continue to expand the scale. In the past, the majority of Shenzhen furniture mainly to software,decorative wood application Saudi Arabia the software places now, European style, come out on top in the industry, and therefore have a "national furniture look Guangdong, Shenzhen, Guangdong furniture look" argument. In addition, the vast majority of Shenzhen furniture enterprises to go, the high road, follow the international trend of design, the main cities.