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Elden Ring Moment is really a Reminder of Why Lobsters Should Always Be Feared

Submitted by xhy082801 on Sun, 04/16/2023 - 19:29

This one Elden Ring Items clip showcases why players that explore The Lands Between should not underestimate the strength of the Lobster.

This Elden Ring clip showcases a minute that should remind every player traversing The Lands Between to always fear the Lobsters. The world of Elden Ring is vast and far-reaching as it is and hosts many dangerous enemies, be they humanoid or monstrous. While in one corner of the world, players will encounter Ulcerated Tree Spirits that may reach through walls to seize the player, during another corner you will find Glintstone Mages which will pelt gamers using their spells. However, among them, you will find creatures that are meant to be feared, and each so often you will see a reminder of why.

The Lands Between isn't any stranger to its great amount of gigantic creatures. One of the more notable of those would be the Rune Bears, gigantic bears that may decimate players immediately. Some consider them so dangerous that the player accused Rune Bears of reading their inputs. However, another beast that players of Elden Ring fear may be the Lobsters or even more specifically the Giant Crayfish. Usually inhabiting the swamps of Liurnia from the Lakes, these beasts are very well known for their unpredictable attack patterns and deadly accurate ranged attacks.

Coming across you ought to always lead to fear, yet the ball player in this story was foolish enough to underestimate the strength of Elden Ring's lobsters. Posting to r/Eldenring, user Zuuly177 uploaded a clip of these coming across a lobster during Torrent. The player visited to jump over the lobster, as Torrent the spirited steed includes a good jump, therefore it wouldn't be way too hard to clear a lobster. However, because they landed on the other side of the lobster, another lobster emerged in the depths of the swamps, in front of them. Then the clip ended using the "We'll Be Right Back" meme.

The use of the meme does result in the video possessing a striking resemblance to another lobster encounter video, in which a player attacking a lobster saw the Elden Ring lobster jump atop a tree to snipe the ball player. The struggles players have using the Giant Lobsters appear to be universal, as you will find also comments about how exactly other players happen to be defeated by both of these specific lobsters. This surprise attack is certainly not one inside a trillion.

Ultimately, the footage is really a lesson never to underestimate any enemy in Elden Ring, in order for there is sure to be considered a surprise available for any player that can take the game lightly. Whether it's underestimating Elden Ring's Castle Sol Knights, or perhaps the first enemies in the sport, at some point, you will see a punishment. Always be aware, and try to take care while traversing The Lands Between.

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