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Elden Ring: Church Of Vows [Location And Items]

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The Church of Vows is definitely one of Elden Ring Items' most significant early-game locations. It’s full of characters, items, lore, and boss fights. Along with that, the Church of Vows has among the most unique and valuable progression-based mechanics – Absolution, which enables you to revive and continue blocked NPC quest lines in Elden Ring.

Key Takeaways

Players will find the Church of Vows in Elden Ring close to the northeastern cliff of Liurnia next to the river.

Starting in the Liurnia Highway South Site of Grace, head north and stick to the eastern uphill path until players get to the Artist’s Shack.

From here, continue north beyond the bridge behind the Shack, and finally, players will discover the Church on the far left atop the cliff close to the Lake.

Inside, they’ll look for a large tortoise NPC named Miriel, with whom they are able to learn various spells, give Prayerbooks, and find out the backstory of both Church and many noteworthy Demigods.

Besides that, players are capable of doing absolution in the Statue of Rennala in the center of the Church of Vows, which will revive NPCs in addition to removing any friendly-NPC hostility in Elden Ring.

Players may also discover the Gold Sewing Needle and also the Gold Tailoring Tools that may alter Demigods’ attire to ensure they are more effective.

There’s additionally a secret Bell-Bearing Hunter boss fight here; players can encounter it within the Church beginning with resting in the Site of Grace till Nightfall.

Where Is The Church Of Vows?

You will find the Church deep inside the northeastern region of Liurnia alongside the river. You can access this biome after defeating Godrick the Grafted and heading outside Stormveil Castle from his arena.

Starting in the Liurnia Highway South Site of Grace, build your way lower the highway by using the stone-paved road.

As you continue lower, you’ll eventually run into the Liurnia Highway North Site of Grace on the highway behind only a Sword Monument.

Now, create a right and continue the uphill path by using the muddy trail beyond the broken-down pillars and debris.

Continue this trail, avoiding all of the wolves, crabs, and Tibia mariners on the way, and it’ll lead you straight to the Artist’s Shack behind the patrolling Leyndell Knight.

Take the Site of Grace outside, head behind the Shack, and cross the bridge in the back to get to the other cliffside.

Next, build your way north into the open field beyond the Burning Slugs, and climb atop the hill in front.

Once you’re uphill, you’ll discover the Church of Vows and which is the Site of Grace on the edge of the cliff.

Inside The Church

As you place your foot into the church, the very first thing you’ll notice may be the giant tortoise dressed like a pope around the left. This is Miriel, Pastor of Vows along with a non-hostile NPC. As you first connect to him, you’ll comprehend the origin and importance of the Church of Vows. The major takeaways here range from the following:

The introduction of Radagon and Rennala, Queen from the Full Moon.

The marriage of those two demigods in the Church.

Why Radagon returned to Leyndell and had become the second Elden Lord.

After exhausting Miriel’s initial dialogue and speaking with him again, you’ll certainly be able to buy Sorceries and Incantations from him. Alongside purchasing these spells, you are able to give Miriel Prayerbooks to improve his collection and enable you to purchase much more.

Rennala’s Statue And Atonement

Another key highlight here may be the Statue of Rennala, encompassed by a small pool in the center of the Church. This statue enables you to atone for the in-game sins because this option does not just revive NPC whom you’ve killed but additionally removes all NPC hostility in your direction in the game. This way, you are able to continue your pursuit with these NPCs whom you’ve intentionally or accidentally turned against yourself.

This process requires you to definitely have a Celestial Dew inside your possession. Celestial Dews are incredibly rare vial items, and you are able to only get 10 of these per playthrough. You will find the majority of those vials hanging around underground locations – Nokron, Nokstella, and Ainsel River.

To make use of the atonement option, simply stand alongside Rennala’s Statue before you see the ‘Atone’ prompt.

After it asks you if you wish to receive absolution, select ‘Yes’ and also the statue will remove all NPC hostility and revive any dead NPCs at the cost of just one Celestial Dew.

Cloth-Altering Gear

Besides the atonement and learning spells, you’ll also notice a little chest on the far right of Rennala’s statue. Once you open this chest, you’ll get the Gold Sewing Needle and also the Golden Tailoring Tools. These items allow you to alter a Demigod’s attire at any Site of Grace.

Once you defeat a Demigod, you are able to purchase their garments from Enya, the Finger Maiden, in the Roundtable Hold. Altering these garments is a superb way to result in the clothing set being more efficient because they usually help lower their equipment load whilst boosting poise.

To alter attire, simply rest at any Site of Grace and select the ‘Alter garments’ option.

Here, you’ll discover the complete listing of clothing inside your inventory that you are able to modify.

Each altering process requires 500 runes, and you may also reverse the change for the next 500 runes if you would like.

Fighting The Bell-Bearing Hunter

Whilst the Church of Vows doesn’t have hostiles, you are able to still partake in a secret encounter against among the Bell-Bearing Hunters only at that location. There are 4 Bell-Bearing Hunters hanging around who only spawn during the night and consume a similar moveset to Elmer from the Briar.

To fight the Bell-Bearing Hunter in the Church, rest at its Site of Grace outside and pass time to ‘Until Nightfall.’

Once that’s done, you’ll discover the Hunter within the Church, spawning in front of Rennala’s Statue.

One quick method to tell if you’ve activated the boss fight beforehand is as simple as seeing the statues surrounding Rennala’s Statue illuminating and Miriel disappearing for time being.

Killing the Hunter provides you with 6000 Runes and also the Meat Peddler’s Bell Bearing. You can give this Bell Bearing to the Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold that’ll allow you to gain access to and get the following items:

A sliver of Meat for 1000 Runes

Turtle Neck Meat for 1200 Runes

Lump of Flesh for 1500 Runes


That wraps up our guide on going through the Church of Vows hanging around and how you are able to learn lore and spells, collect valuable loot, fight a boss, and perform absolution to bring back NPCs only at that location.

The Church serves as a great method to transition from the previous gameplay-focused theme for an engaging narrative alongside it. In fact, this Subreddit Post perfectly describes the sheer importance of the Church of Vows hanging around. So visit Miriel whenever you are able to once you take on Liurnia!

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