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E-cigarette is determined to replace traditional cigarette gradually

Submitted by Tianli on Sun, 09/20/2015 - 19:11

According to the survey, there has been a sustainable growth on usage of e-cigarette among teenagers of America, in the meanwhile, usage of cigarette has dropped to the lowest level. It is clearly indicated that, instead of stimulating the growth of cigarette, growth of E-cigarette using e cigarette pressure sensor will replace cigarette.

There are doubts that one may smoke E-cigarette with electret condenser microphone before smoking cigarette. While data has shown that, among non smokers, those who use E-cigarette frequently are quite few, and there is no previous case for one to transit from E-cigarette to cigarette. If it is the case that using of E-cigarette will lead one to use cigarette, then sales of cigarette will not fall continuously.

American government sponsored one MTF research, investigating cigarette usage by teenagers since 1975. Data has shown that more teenagers use E-cigarette instead of cigarette. 8.7% of teenagers in 8th grade, 16.2% of teenagers in 10th grade and 17.1% of teenagers in 12th grade have used E-cigarette within one month.

In comparison with another data from national youth cigarette survey which was sponsored by US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ratio of cigarette usage by teenagers in 2013 are 3 times that of the 2011. Data of 2014 will be counted out this year, during which time the tendency will be more obvious.

As the most mature hi-tech products followed the principle of "replacing nicotine", E-cigarette with electronic cigarette pressure sensor simulates the whole smoking process, and has won the favor by certain smokers and their family after entering the market, and has been seeing in many places. A fashion which takes "healthy smoking, control smoking and quit smoking gradually" as focus has been widely welcomed, and has even become the symbol of status for some people.