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EA puts a price cap on players Fifa 16 Ultimate Team

Submitted by playerhot on Sat, 10/10/2015 - 00:54

Towards a kind of virtual financial fair play, the measure aims to counter illegal purchases of coins to finish with open auctions.

EA Sports continues to fight against the illegal sale of gold coins in the system of transfers of fifa 16 coins Ultimate Team, a practice which, according to the company, ends inflating the prices of players, resulting in an unfair situation for players who do not buy coins illegally.

One of the new measures is the implementation of price ranges that can be dialed in the virtual market of FUT. Now every player comes with a minimum and maximum price that can be set by putting it on the market. This also ends therefore with open bids, as from now should be priced for immediate sale.

EA describes the cheap fifa 16 coins fringes:

Once the function is active, all items of FUT (Players, Fit, Consumables and articles club) in FIFA Ultimate Team will have a strip that secures the highest and lowest prices in exchange for each item in the transfer market may be sold.

This new feature is designed to:

To help players understand the value FUT players club.
Making the most valued players more affordable and ensure equal conditions.
Restrict the illegitimate transfers Coins Market transferable.

This innovation after another type of buy fifa 16 coins 'financial fair play' has already been implemented in versions for PC and game consoles. At the same time, EA has confirmed that, for now, this 'mercato' will not be available on mobile apps. More information on the official website.

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