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Don't dye yellow skin with these three colors

Submitted by blueandred on Sun, 08/29/2021 - 19:24

There are often fans leave a message to consult, the skin is yellow for what color, show white can improve color? Let's talk about my personal point of view, interested friends understand together.
Yellow skin, do not dye green, orange and light colors, because this color will make your skin more sallow, and even have a sick feeling. Because the influence of dyeing on skin color is very big, for normal skin color, it does not matter what color, as long as they like, can accept the color, basically can control.
But the skin is slant black or slant yellow, when dyeing hair, choose hair color must be careful, can not follow one's inclinations to choose their favorite hair color. Say for everybody first below, the 3 kinds of hair color that the person with yellow skin must avoid, recommend a few to suit skin again yellow or slant black hair color, carry bright color of skin, show white foreign atmosphere.
Three hair colors that do not suit yellow skin
Although Asian people tend to have a slightly yellowish skin tone, the best hair colors are black, dark brown and brown. But now there are more and more popular hair colors, and these dark hair colors can not meet the aesthetic needs of people, so we break the public aesthetic view, try a variety of fashionable hair colors, and most people accept.
The yellow skin in question is not a normal yellow, but an unhealthy waxy yellow. Do color of skin so originally dim, still can show slightly morbid, cannot resemble normal color of skin in that way, the hair color that chooses oneself to like willfully, because choose bad can produce hedge with oneself color of skin, can get some dirty feeling more, color also can appear worse and worse. Especially these three kinds of hair color, skin slant yellow person, must avoid.
The first: a color with green
When I say green, I don't mean pure green, but green components in the color, such as dull green, etc., these colors contain a lot of green pigment. May we say, stuffy cyan is not very white, how not suitable?
Green is composed of yellow and blue, the skin is yellowish, if the color of hair contains a lot of green, it will make the skin color more yellow. Therefore, when dyeing hair, if the skin color is yellow, you must not choose 6/22 or 8/22 in the color of the dye cream, which is the standard dull blue dye cream. The normal skin color is white and fashionable, and the yellow skin is more yellow.
Second: the color with orange
Orange is orange, the skin is yellow, if the hair color also presents orange color, not only will not show white, but will be more waxy, even black. Because orange gives off a sheen, and yellow skin lacks luster, your hair color accentuates your skin.
When dyeing your hair, do not choose the color cream with 43, because the color of this kind of color cream is orange, such as the common color number: 6/43, 7/43 or 8/43, etc., the lighter the color, the higher the lightness. Still have the catch ointment that takes 44 also needs careful, for example: 6/44 or 7/44, although these colors slant red, but still contain a lot of orange, also affect the brightness of the skin.
The third kind: chroma is greater than 6 degrees of light color
The greater the number of chroma, the lighter the color of the hair, hair dye number is the first number is chroma, yellow skin, when choosing the color number, it is best not to choose the color greater than 6, especially the green and orange mentioned before, because the lighter the color, the skin will be more waxy, very affect color.
That is to say, no matter what color, as long as more than 6 degrees don't choose, because the light is not suitable for the skin slants yellow and black people, the more shallow the color of the higher lightness and purity, it is hard to manage this kind of tall lightness color of skin dark color, so you must remember that when dyeing, not only show white, more show dark yellow.
Low-key luxury brown, do not pick skin color and can enhance the brightness of skin color, but also very white
Brown is the best hair color for Asian skin tones, regardless of age. The brown that introduces a few kinds to suit yellow skin below catch ointment, low-key costly have connotation, need not drift color, harm to hair qualitative return small, fade color also slow, although after pigment is lost, background color also won't appear too yellow.
1, chestnut brown
Chestnut brown is the deepest brown, the color is basically between 4~5 degrees, the overall dark. This color is also known as sun color, which means that your hair is a beautiful brown in sunlight or strong light, and dark brown indoors, which is also similar to the color of a chestnut shell, so it is called chestnut brown.
This color, code-named 4/77 on the hair dye palette, is one of the darkest types of brown. The hair color of normal people is mostly in 3 degrees, this color is only 4 degrees, 1 degree of color difference is easy to dye out, and does not fade, good texture, although partial dark, but enhance the brightness effect to power, very suitable for yellow skin people.
2. Chocolate brown
The so-called chocolate color, in fact, is the most standard brown, not deep not shallow just good, the color presented on the hair is 5 degrees, no matter indoor or outdoor, can see the obvious brown color, suitable for the person of any color of skin.
On the color board of hair dye, the chocolate color is numbered 5/77, and some chocolate colors add red or yellow ingredients, but the most suitable for yellow skin is 5/77, showing white and texture, not hurting hair fade slowly, very high color.
3, light brown
Light brown is the lightest brown hair color, this hair color is the most white, if the skin is sallow or too dark is not recommended, can choose 4/77 or 5/77 described above. If only a slightly yellowish complexion, this light brown hair color will also work.
On the palette number, the light brown color is 6/77, which is the lightest color acceptable for yellow skin. Although there are also 7 out of 77 dye creams, these are not suitable for people with dark and yellow skin.
Although these three colors are low-key, they are very suitable for people with yellowish skin. Moreover, these colors are also the favorite hair colors of many celebrities, especially in South Korea, where most people like this seemingly low-key, but very tasteful hair color.
Specific hair color choice, suggest to go to the barber shop, let Tony teacher according to your specific skin color, to help you choose, so that the most reliable. Do hair style must face to face design, did not see myself, can only introduce so much, hope useful to everyone.Read more at: formal dress shops | long formal dresses