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Don't dress too young since you are no longer young

Submitted by blueandred on Thu, 12/09/2021 - 00:35

With the increasing number of age, women's charm index does not always show a declining trend, but can be interpreted by wearing beauty or temperament enhancement. Who says women over 50 aren't attractive? See following these Japanese housewife to know, of fashionable feeling build and age do not have apparent relation, be closely bound up with individual volimetry, idea however.
The use of coats is changeable
Women in their fifties do need to fill their wardrobes with high-quality pieces, but it doesn't mean that the more pieces the better, but to know how to choose and match, to reflect the value of these clothes. Especially in the selection of coat will be particularly important, after all, it will occupy a proportion in the shape of more than the interior, bearing the responsibility of keeping warm, so its choice can not go wrong.
Take this style of wearing as an example, the down jacket vest of the coat is very thin, but it will not weaken the warmth index, but it cannot form a shelter to the arm. If you're looking for a higher level of warmth, switch to a down jacket in the same color and style.
It is not just that women are getting older that affects their attractiveness. It is that they are becoming increasingly narrow in their tastes and their patterns of dress are not changing. On the application of coat, can undertake a few more changes. Especially in the use of material, style, can often maintain a variety of updates, to prevent excessive modeling.
Like this cream-colored hooded coat with horn buckle style, or the texture of lamb hair, comfortable to the touch, and the structure of the whole version naturally carries a bit of age-reducing effect, the use of color highlights the image of women is particularly gentle.
Multipurpose base color
In addition to the choice of style with individual's body, weight form extremely perfect fit, more than 50 years old lady, also note the use of color, don't trample ray, the use of color is not appropriate, will let look not enough in a harmonious and beautiful, multi-purpose base color, is actually a form of once and for all, and basis for choice of color, also not only two or three, It's a wider range of possibilities.
This outfit adopts the combination of the same color. White knitted top and white wide-leg pants are fresh and atmospheric. A coat with different colors will also have layers to wear.
Many colors belong to the "camp" of basic colors. Whether it is simple and fresh white, low-key and restrained gray, or even deep and attractive navy blue, women in their fifties can control the elegant demeanor of the atmosphere.
The color used in this set of clothes can reflect the mature side of women, especially the addition of skirt, but also added a bit of elegant background, so that the temperament of women greatly improved.
The use of basic color, in addition to purifying the addition of color in the modeling, can also reduce the probability of people making mistakes in clothing collocation, as far as possible to improve the qualified rate of the modeling, so as to help women wear, can always show a simple beauty.
This combination of basic colors can be copied by women in their fifties with a less prominent figure. Dark jacket, the structure of the waist contour of the role of modification, lower body pants, leg type will not set requirements. The coat is a long outline design and can contain the body defects of the coat, simple and neat, but also a little dry beauty.
In numerous basic colors, if you want to reflect a composed personal style, you can use black. If you want to make the whole picture a little softer, not bleak, you can use khaki.
Khaki turtleneck, for example, can be worn exactly the same way on the bottom. In this way, the use of coat, color choice is more diverse, but also to maintain the body color of no more than three such principles.
Recognizable items are indispensable
However, for women in their fifties, being stuck in basic colours is not an option for a long time, as the way they present themselves is closely related to the items they choose and the outfits they construct. In addition to some popular and obvious items, recognizable clothing is also indispensable. Of course, the interpretation of identification should be controlled within a certain range, and should not exceed the standard or make too much publicity.
Knit sweaters with diamond plaid patterns can appear frequently in winter. With big color piece, the arrangement between basic color is given priority to, below the circumstance that does not present any flowery temperament, also can maintain a kind of concise beauty.
Besides the case grain dress of all sorts of styles, stripe sheet also has a very important position in people's wardrobe all the time, its color arrangement is also diverse, but as long as tonal use is not much, the use of color department won't be too bright-coloured, the probability of error won't be too high.
Like this striped piece, it can create a very tender atmosphere. The combination of colors, than the general solid color series of clothing looks richer, more age-reducing.Read more at: purple formal dresses australia | green formal dress