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Does Mutual Fund Software for IFA Assist in Acquiring Leads?

Due to dynamic scenarios and changing industry trend, now every firm is focusing on creating an online identity in order to reach more clients within very less time. Likewise distributors in mutual fund industry are concentrating upon bringing their business on digital platform which is possible through Mutual Fund Software for IFA that assists advisors in connecting with multiple clients at a time.
Wealth Elite provides best financial platform to distributors which allows them to regulate the business operations in most effective manner. Also the distributor can easily generate the leads from the same portal.
How is it Possible?

  • White labeling solution helps in business promotion.
  • No cost invitation to clients through video KYC.
  • Online ATM to attract new investors.
  • Clients can be served through virtual platform.
  • Transactions can be performed online.

Thus having the financial platform is must for advisors which allows them in creating business value in the market and also assist in focusing on the clients. The software also ensures quick services to clients as to retain them for long term.
In lack of digital platform the advisors find it typical to generate leads on consistent basis which affects the survival of the business too and the advisors need to spend a lot of funds in acquiring leads from other sources that increases the operational cost of the firm.
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