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Do you want something with lots of settings

Submitted by 2lovevib on Thu, 02/02/2023 - 05:29

Buying a vibrator is an incredibly personal thing. You need to know what you want, both in general and specifically. Do you want something that looks like a real penis? Or do you want something more discreet? Do you want something with lots of settings for different speeds and patterns, or are simple on/off controls enough for your needs? How important is price point compared with how good the long distance couple toys feels or looks?You should also think about what it's going to be used for—and by whom. The vast majority of women will only use their vibrators on themselves, but some might also like using them with their partner(s). If this sounds like something that interests you (or just makes sense), then make sure that any vibrator you buy has a flared base so it won't get sucked up inside someone else's body cavity!Of course these things vary from person to person—what feels great one time may not feel great another time—but generally speaking: knowing yourself better helps improve your chances at having an orgasmic experience once again!