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Do face masks get rid of pimples?

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It is a problem that not only affects adolescents and can be treated from multiple disciplines to prevent it, eradicate it and leave no marks on the skin
The acne is an inflammatory skin disease and the leading cause of visits to the dermatologist. Its consequences go beyond the physical level, but it supposes a negative impact on an emotional level, directly affecting the self-esteem of the people who suffer it.
Why does acne appear?
Acne is ageless, affects everyone, and has no expiration date. Most of the cases occur between the ages of 13 and 25, it is more widespread among women but in the case of men it is more severe. "Calling it acne sometimes puzzles adults who suffer from it, some of them in the third, fourth and even fifth decade of life, as it is commonly considered a disease that affects only adolescents," says dermatologist José Luis López Estebaranz.
The specialist also warns that adult acne is very different from juvenile acne, "as it can be conditioned by diet, lifestyle or hormonal circumstances." In adult cases, it is a condition that occurs in 3% of men and 12% of women.
When we talk about acne we look for a double solution. On the one hand, prevent their appearance and on the other, hide and eradicate the marks they leave on our skin. From Vozpópuli we are going to try different ways to treat this problem with different solutions, from the use of cosmetic products, to the latest developments in aesthetic medicine, without forgetting the natural resources and home remedies that we have more at hand.
Products to fight acne
Mesoestetic, a pharmaceutical laboratory specialized in dermocosmetics and aesthetic medicine, offers us the Acnelan treatment that is highly effective, with visible results from the first session and safe for all ages, since it does not have adverse effects or use antibiotics. These results are of two types, the prevention of the appearance of acne, and the minimization of its consequences on the skin that include permanent scars, redness or hyperpigmentation.
Deep cleansing and adequate hydration are the basis of the daily care routine to keep the skin free of impurities. To do this, Mesoestetic has designed a care protocol to complete the intensive treatment in consultation or to use in a personal way, without medical monitoring, to control oily or acne-prone skin on a daily basis.
To clean the face, Mesoestetic proposes the use of 'Purifying Mousse' , a daily cleansing foam that has a light texture that soothes, hydrates and provides softness to the skin. Eliminates impurities providing a pleasant refreshing sensation and comfort. They also have the 'Pure renewing mask' mask that is applied once a week for 5 or 10 minutes and that produces a cellular renewal of the skin, purifying it and keeping it clean and healthy.
The treatment itself consists of three products. 'Acne one' is a cream for daily use that controls bacterial growth and reduces sebum production. Its use gently exfoliates the skin, enhancing cell renewal. It also has depigmenting properties that reduce the spots caused by acne. 'Regenerance active' is a regenerating moisturizing gel that provides elasticity, softness and smoothness to the skin without adding oil. It would replace the previous product in cases of little acne or as a preventive measure to its appearance.
Finally we find 'Imperfection control' , a cream for daily use for the local treatment of rashes. It contains color pigments that adapt to the entire skin so it will hide any type of pimples, redness or blemishes.
Anti-acne treatment with radio frequency
Morpheus8 is a treatment that reduces the appearance of pimples, even large breakouts, and is also capable of minimizing the scars and marks left by acne. It is a novel radiofrequency technique that works with "radiofrequency waves under the skin that achieve a controlled temperature on a surface less than half a millimeter, so that we can achieve a reduction in the number of functioning sebaceous glands, so that the appearance of pimples decreases drastically”, explains doctor Pilar de Frutos, aesthetic doctor and plastic surgeon.
This treatment has an effectiveness of up to 80%. "In many cases we can avoid taking other common acne drugs, which have significant side effects. This is a great novelty, since to date there is no other system that allows avoiding medication,” says Dr. De Frutos.
The treatment also treats and improves acne scars since the radiofrequency polishes the skin that shrinks the marks and fills them with the production of new collagen inside. The result is satisfactory in 95% of patients and can be done at any time, even when there is active acne.
This treatment is applied with Morpheus8, the first and only device in the world that acts on the facial subdermal tissue. It has a microneedle applicator that penetrate the tissue, coagulating the fat and tightening the tissue. Although the microneedles are painless, the discharge can cause minimal discomfort, similar to laser hair removal.
This radio frequency can be applied at any age, even adolescents, since it is not an invasive treatment nor does it have side effects.
The result, both in the control of the outbreaks and in the reduction of the marks, begins to be noticeable in the first week, at two months it is very evident and at six the maximum effect is reached. If the cause of acne is not corrected, there may be relapses, but they will still be smaller and easier to control since there are fewer sebaceous glands.
In addition, this treatment has no side effects. A slight redness usually occurs in the first 24 hours after treatment, which can last two or three days if very deep acne scars have to be worked on. But the skin does not rise or there is peeling and normal life can be returned immediately. It is simply advisable to do without makeup for the first 24-48 hours, follow normal hygiene and cleaning and apply repair cream. It is also essential to avoid exposure to the sun for a few weeks and use a sun protection factor.
For a complete result, usually between two and three sessions spaced 5 or 6 weeks apart. From that moment, depending on each particular case and the evaluation of the dermatologist, a maintenance session may be necessary in one or three years. The price of the treatment is between € 400 and € 500 per session.
Botox to fight acne
The latest medical studies continue to make new applications of botox in the field of beauty, showing that its properties go beyond the application in aesthetic medicine to treat expression wrinkles.
Focusing on the properties of the toxin as a seboregulatory, doctors Sofía Ruíz del Cueto and Mar Mira have developed the "Botox Bel" protocol to alleviate this skin problem.
“It has been shown that, using botulinum toxin in different dilutions and with an infiltration technique similar to mesotherapy or micro-bottox, this active ingredient acts on the acetylcholine system, which is the neurotransmitter involved in the secretion of sebum, resulting highly effective as complement in the treatment of acne”, explains Dr. Ruíz del Cueto.
Home remedies to beat acne
Beyond the use of cosmetics or beauty treatments, the pantry is full of foods that are beneficial to curb acne. We make you a summary of the best products so that they become your ally in the fight against acne and thus achieve perfect skin.
The green tea has anti - microbial and antioxidant compounds that help us fight acne. To get its effects, use a cup of cold green tea as a face wash or place a tea bag on the affected areas.
The antibiotic properties of honey can help us. Apply a tablespoon of honey to the affected areas. Another option is to mix half a cup of honey with a cup of oatmeal and leave it on the fire for half an hour to achieve a perfect mask.
Lemons are perfect as exfoliants, disinfectants, and also brighten the skin. For all this, they are very effective in reducing scars and preventing the formation of new pimples. The first thing to do is wash your face well and then apply a little juice to the affected areas. After ten minutes you have to rinse with cold water.
Peppermint can help remove oil that clogs pores. As a preventive measure against acne, mix two tablespoons of chopped fresh mint, two tablespoons of plain yogurt and oatmeal. Just use the result for 10 minutes on your face and then rinse with water.
Did you know that Aspirin can dry out pimples and reduce inflammation? To achieve its results, it is not necessary to take it, but to use it as a cream. To do this you have to grind four tablets and mix them with a little water and then apply the solution on the pimples and redness.
Chamomile also helps decrease inflammation. Simply make an infusion and apply it, once it has cooled down, using a cotton ball on the face.
The fatty acids of the Omega-3 have anti - inflammatory properties that can reduce acne. Therefore, do not forget to include foods such as salmon, tuna or walnuts and other products rich in this asset in the shopping cart.
Attack the problem from any area and remember that acne has to be treated, since its scars can leave us marked for life. It's better to prevent than to cure.
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