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Dinarspay (DINARS) Token Listed on Pancakeswap Exchange

Submitted by Misaellai on Sun, 06/23/2024 - 22:33

DinarsPay happily announced that our $DINARS token is listed on PancakeSwap June 14 2024. We would be grateful to you for all of your assistance and kindness. We felt that this is the biggest achievement for $DINARS and trust you will connect us in the exciting adventure ahead. On the Binance Smart Chain networks, PancakeSwap is the primary decentralized exchange.

PancakeSwap Description
PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange built into the BNB Chain. Stated differently, it is comparable to well-known systems such as UniSwap in that users can exchange their coins for other coins without requiring intermediary services.PancakeSwap specializes in BEP20 tokens, a particular token standard created by Binance which is the only distinction.

PancakeSwap Trading

Pricing value
1 USDT = 1.389 DINARS
1 DINARS = 0.720 USDT

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DinarsPay -Tokenomics
Token name: DinaryPay
Token Symbol: DINARS
Token supply: 100 million
Blockchain network: BNB
What is a DinarsPay (DINARS )Token ?
DINARS is a native DinarsPay token, that enables money transfers between users. It is constructed on the blockchain network of Binance Smart Chain. The goal of our DINARS token is to facilitate easy deposit transactions through a variety of channels and to offer a variety of withdrawal options, including desk exchanges and cryptocurrency ATMs.

Potential benefits of purchasing DinarsPay Tokens,
A comprehensive payment solution that enables you to send, receive, and trade cryptocurrencies P2P trading is a total cryptocurrency-to-cash solution that is possible.
Social cryptocurrency that may be sent and exchanged by network users.
A marketplace where goods and services can be paid for using DINARS.
For the purpose of implementing DinarsPay tokens, the company has secured significant contracts with shops, regulated suppliers, and other automata group members.
In addition to sending and receiving, DINARS holders can exchange on a number of compatible services.

When coupled with the decentralized finance infrastructure, the DINARS token has the power to completely upend all economic sectors by offering a faster, less expensive, more secure, and more transparent payment option than current payment methods.

In the future, we have a lot of ideas to expand on the ecosystem. You may feel secure using DINARS tokens for a variety of transactions, including those involving cryptocurrency ATM cards and NFT games.

Keep checking back for further information, which will include comprehensive guidelines on how to take part in the presale. Join our official channels to interact with our lively community and remain updated in the interim:

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