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Digital 3D Custom Series Customized

Digital 3D Custom Series Customized Product Description
Mainly used for the adjuvant treatment and rehabilitation of the following diseases:
Charcot joints, diabetic foot ulcers, high-risk diabetic feet, ankle fractures, partial foot amputations, leg length differences, ankle fusion, complex foot surgery, cerebral palsy, foot deformity, stroke and other foot pathologies.
1. Learning through big data and artificial intelligence and applying it to the design of shoe lasts;
2. Make up for the blank of domestic customized shoe products;
3. Realize the footstep characteristics through foot data;
4. Fully adapt to foot deformities.
Product advantages
1. Get 200,000 data points at a time. more accurate data;
2. The precision is 0.4 mm, which can ensure that the customized footwear fits the footsteps accurately;
3. Professional foot model software analyzes footstep morphology and pathology;
4. AI calculation automatically designs the best shoe last and insole to adapt to the foot parameters.
Product structure:
1. Heel cushion: increase the comfort when wearing and reduce common problems such as redness, swelling and scratches caused by friction;
2, EVA sole: light, elastic, wear-resistant, and good anti-skid ability can provide the safest and most comfortable experience;
3. Toe protection: Playing a protective role plays a very important role in preventing foot injuries;
4. Comfortable inner design: The inner cage of the shoe is made of leather or other suitable materials to improve comfort and prevent foot damage;
5. Huge space for toes and forefoot: wide forefoot and toes, reduce the pressure when walking, prevent ulcers and other problems;
6. Sturdy heel: more effectively stabilize the foot and protect the heel from damage caused by external impact or friction;
7. Arch support piece: help stabilize the gait, ensure the normal bending range of the foot when moving, and avoid excessive stretching of the sole of the foot;
8. Independent insole: The insole can be taken out to facilitate the use of orthopedic insole.Digital 3D Custom Series Customized