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Diego Costa: public opinion should not blame Mourinho

Submitted by arantxa on Thu, 10/08/2015 - 21:36

Chelsea started badly this season, ranked only eight Premier League standings after the first 16, coach Jose Mourinho to bear enormous pressure. London derby Blues striker Diego - Costa Arsenal Koscielny and Gabriel conflict led to a public FIFA 16 coins hot. At the cusp of being behind Diego Costa vocal coach, that the team were not good responsibility in the players, the coach should not be too much to blame even asking them to resign apology.

    "We know the situation facing Chelsea this season is not what we expected, but to blame the Chelsea players, because we just came back from vacation, we are confident, we think back to last season can be like this You should be in the position, and then we realize now the team is already in a very bad environment. "

    "Admits to say, probably in a few weeks ago, about five or six weeks, I did not at his best, at least from a physical condition is so. Interaction between the players we had, we all know that. Maybe when the season began, we did not find the state 100%, as we might expect that. "

    "At the end of last season I was injured, and then went on vacation. Maybe I over-indulge their diet, and when I returned to the team, my physical condition is not the best, I'm a little overweight, and this affected my game status. One can blame the coach everything for selfish reasons, but I will not do, I am willing to be responsible for 100% of the other players as well. Now we can do is to train very hard, very hard work efforts to return to the level we play last season. "

    Mourinho had previously expressed his disappointment, he said the poor performance of several players is the main reason for the Blues defeat. "Mourinho is a very direct, always straightforward," Diego - Costa said: "He will always speak his mind and he believed the truth, sometimes people do not want to hear this, but this is his interaction with others way for cheap FIFA 16 coins, which is sometimes the reason people will criticize him. Some coach always said that people want to hear, but I think this is not good, I prefer a man to tell the truth, rather than fuzzy sweet to my ears. "

    "If you ask one million players who they hope to become their coach, they have a list of the top three will be named Jose Mourinho, Guardiola and Simoni. Mourinho is I choose to join Chelsea One of the reasons, because I know that when the team has such a head coach, we always succeed, there will always fight for the league title in the ranks among the total can play in the Champions League, always able to compete with the top teams. Such coach Jose Mourinho can help players progress, they will enable us to become a better player, and he helped the players won numerous trophies in his career. "

    "He always give all the support we need, private players are talking to each other, we say that Mourinho is the best coach we could encounter. Sometimes things do not develop in the desired direction towards everyone, some people , including some fans always want to find a scapegoat. In some cases they blame the players, in the current situation they blame the coach, perhaps because our coach is Jose Mourinho. Maybe Mourinho received so much criticism because of his great, maybe he was criticized only because he is Jose Mourinho. I joined Chelsea have more than one season, I see many teams lost the number game more than Chelsea, But no one criticized their coach. "

    "I joined Chelsea because I am very happy to work with Mourinho, but my words not only on my own behalf, I wish on behalf of all the people, on behalf of the whole team saying this, the most important thing is the team. Yes, Mourinho has always supported me, but he also showed support for all the players. I Chelsea and have talked to all the players, they are, with Mourinho felt the same way. I do not like to be interviewed, but I speaking on behalf of the entire team, we feel exactly the same as Mourinho. "