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Demonstration of wearing a light "pleated skirt" in summer

Submitted by blueandred on Wed, 07/07/2021 - 00:03

Demonstration of wearing a light "pleated skirt" in summer
Compared with spring when the temperature is suitable, our pursuit of coolness and comfort in summer is even more urgent.
Since then, all kinds of skirts have appeared on the stage, whether it is intellectual and elegant skirts, or time-saving and practical dresses... have long been settled in the wardrobes of fashionistas and have become the handles of this summer.
Today, let’s take a look at the dressing skills of the main fashion “pleated skirt” in this summer. With the help of its outstanding and elegant feeling, even if the beauty Xiaobai who doesn’t know how to wear it, just a simple match A comfortable little shirt can stand out from the crowd!
Caramel-colored pleated skirt with recognized high-end charm, combined with silky and refreshing texture fabrics, the upper body is like milk chocolate-like silky sliding, giving you an excellent wearing experience.
The large skirt design composed of folds complements each other with the weighty silky fabric, without excessive elegance. Simply pair it with a black and clear little shirt, which is particularly lazy and retro, and the fairy temperament can't stop it!
In the hot summer, it is very suitable to wear green items, especially this kind of calm khaki green pleated skirt style, which has passed the blessing of folds, making the skirt instantly add a sense of lightness and vitality.
The upper body of the beauty is matched with a light-colored V-neck shirt, which easily brightens the overall complexion and looks delicate and smooth. Then borrow the embellishment of brown-red bags and high-heeled sandals to instantly upgrade the fashion!
The fairy-like pleated net yarn skirt is the deep love of every woman!
This skirt adopts the visual effect of different tones, so that the apricot + orange + blue tones complement each other, highlighting the hazy texture of high-end taste. Match it directly with a slim black shirt, with a slightly mysterious atmosphere in the mature atmosphere.
The pink pleated skirt with light and romantic feeling is the most suitable for romantic summer.
The blogger is wearing a gentle, beautiful pink pleated skirt, elegant colors combined with fashionable and individual waist seal, which can be smoothly connected with the navy blue light shirt, and then tuck the shirt hem into the skirt. , Outlines the position of the high waistline, creating a slender and slender feeling of "short top and long bottom".
This year's polka dots are especially popular in this kind of exquisite and small polka dot shapes.
The beauty is wearing a beige pleated skirt with French charm, and the refreshing feeling is instantly highlighted. Simply match it with an olive green comfortable shirt style to bring out a more fresh and beautiful visual sense.
In an air-conditioned air-conditioned room, if you want to create a nice layering of pleated skirts, you may choose a small slim suit and wear it directly on the outside of the T-shirt, which can not only block the invasion of air-conditioning, but also create A capable model unique to working women.
Retro and elegant dark green pleated skirt, when you meet a pure white shirt, there is a natural sense of prominence!
This beauty made good use of this, and showed the elegant charm of white + green to the extreme. The metal necklace between the neck and the exaggerated earrings evoke the temperament and beauty of Hong Kong style.
The light blue pleated skirt gives you a sense of lightness and elegance. The length under the knee and the loose skirt design can better accommodate various imperfect figures. Pair your upper body with a grapefruit-colored T-shirt with a soft light filter, and wear a pair of comfortable flat shoes, and you can go out directly.
This classic big A-line micro-pleated umbrella dress worn by beauties comes with a French accent of amorous feelings.
Simply match a comfortable and refreshing white vest style, and then use a beige shirt to create a visual hierarchy, which not only brings out an elegant and intellectual style of dressing, but also shows the elegance and agility of the textbook level.Read more at:formal dresses | formal dresses near me