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De Ligt has had a major speed boost in FIFA 23

Submitted by Devon456 on Thu, 02/02/2023 - 21:24

Depay has all the attributes to be a viable attack alternative in FIFA 23. He is five-star in his skills and 86 dribbling speed, which makes him a very smooth player in possession of the ball FIFA 23 coins. He's also a versatile player, in that he can be center-forward, striker and left winger. This makes it easy to integrate him into any team. His nationality and league affiliations are also a benefit to his inclusion in the majority of teams.

In the form of an architect chem style, Depay can be converted into the lengthy acceleration type and is therefore overpowered when playing. He is priced at under 10,000 FUT coins this is reasonable considering what Depay can offer in game.

Matthijs de Ligt has established himself as one of the top defensive talents in Europe thanks to his talent helping him secure a move to Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich in the summer. The Dutch beast is a formidable defense breaker and his strengths are precisely reflected by his FIFA 23 ratings.

De Ligt has had a major speed boost in FIFA 23 in comparison to previous years. With 75 speed, 84 defense and his 87 strength, he'll make it a nightmare for attackers to take on. He is also a 'lengthy player with the brand new AcceleRATE system of FIFA 23 which allows him to catch up to any player and force players to the side of the pitch.

The price is under 10,000 FUT coins, De Ligt will be a great pick-up option for any football fan with a Bundesliga team.It's true that FIFA 23 isn't over yet, and has the ability to be irritating. Goalkeepers will occasionally collapse in the middle of the field instead of trying to save, and there's not much more tedious than being matched with some dweeb on Seasons who seems more interested in doing innumerable complicated maneuvers and stepovers than being actually playing soccer buy FUT 23 coins.