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"Dark Age of Camelot"---- a historical fact and myth blend together in a game

Submitted by lilyzhao on Tue, 09/29/2015 - 22:08

"Dark Age of Camelot" is a historical fact and myth blend together in a game, it has a very large scale multiplayer turn-based combat system, presumably can bring an unprecedented experience to the players? More recently, have seen a beta version of this game, so have some understanding of the game.<A href=""title="DAOC Plat">DAOC Plat</A> is really good for fighting in the game.

Background story of the game is very simple: the ancient benevolent King Arthur though has passed away, but his leadership is still very powerful, in control of all the forces in Ireland and mortal, and for residents of the island of England, the situation starts here worse, they have always stubbornly resisted the invasion from the other two areas. You're from here into the game, you can very different from England, Ireland and mortal these three areas choose a style as much as possible to help them develop more and more powerful.You can try to <A href=""title="buy DAOC Plat">buy DAOC Plat</A>