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'Crazy firepower' revived at the end saved Suwon FC

When the chips were down, Suwon FC's 'firepower' came alive. And a Castle Park miracle was born.

Suwon FC defeated Busan I-Park 5-2 in the second leg of the Hana WonQ K League 2023 Promotion Playoffs (PO) at Suwon Sports Complex at 2:00 p.m. on September 9. With the victory, Suwon FC won the first and second leg with a combined score of 6-4.

The final winner was Suwon FC. Suwon FC bounced back from a 1-2 deficit in the first leg. They fell behind to Choi Joon in the first 15 minutes, but back-to-back goals from Kim Hyun and Lee Young-jae in the final minute of the second half evened the score and then scored three goals in stoppage time to defeat Busan.

Busan, on the other hand, missed out on a win that was all but assured this time around, and their return to the top flight after four years was thwarted. 카지노사이트킴 Overlapping scenes from the K League 2 final. Busan also failed to win the final game of the league, conceding a late equalizer in extra time. And even in the last chance at the promotion PO, they slipped due to lack of hindsight.

Before the game, coach Kim Do-gyun emphasized the first-half goal. He said, "We put players with mobility up front. We prepared to play a game where we can press from the front," he said, adding, "Anyway, we have to take some risks in defense. It's important to score in the first half."

As they had to win, they were willing to take some defensive risks. Coach Kim Do-gyun said, "Busan and we will feel the same pressure. We prepared to win today, and we should try to do that. I told the players that even if we tied in the first leg, we still have to win at home, so let's look ahead and not look back."

Suwon FC, however, ended the first half trailing 0-1. Despite dominating possession and creating chances, they were caught off guard by a Busan counterattack that led to Choi Jun's first goal. From there, the team struggled to break through Busan's solid five-back defense and failed to create any threatening shots.

The second half was a different story. Coach Kim Do-gyun made changes to the attack, bringing on Park Chul-woo and Kim Do-yoon, and bringing on Lopez and Lee Kwang-hyuk. Busan substituted Summer for Kang Sang-yoon. The flanking attack came alive and something started to happen.

However, they had terrible goal luck. They were unlucky on two occasions. In the first minute of the second half, Lopez's powerful right-footed shot hit the crossbar. In the sixth minute of the second half, Yoon's right-footed shot also hit the goalpost.

Geary rattled the net, but this time it was called back for offside. In the 16th minute of the second half, Lopez's header deflected off Yoon and into the goal. However, after video review, the goal was disallowed due to offside.

Nevertheless, Suwon FC did not give up. In the 34th minute, with relegation looming, Kim Ju-yeop drove down the left flank and sent a cutback pass. The ball hit the bottom of the crossbar and rattled the net. The game was now tied at one.

In the 41st minute of the second half, with four minutes left until the end of regular time. This time, it was captain Lee Young-jae who did the work. He dribbled his way into the box and fired a low left-footed shot. The ball slipped between the legs of the defense and sailed past the keeper and into the corner of the net. The combined score of the first and second legs was tied 3-3.

In the fifth minute of overtime, Lee Kwang-hyuk drove into the box and split the goal with a fantastic left-footed curling kick. It was the first time Suwon FC took the lead in the promotion PO match.

Suwon FC then doubled their lead in the first 12 minutes of extra time through a goal by Jung Jae-yong. They pulled a goal back in the 10th minute of the second half of extra time through Kim Jung-hwan, but Lopez scored a wedge goal shortly afterward to cut off Busan's breathing room. 사설토토 Lopez made an X with both hands and smiled brightly as if to say it was over.

The miracle at Castle Park was complete. In the final moments, it was the offense that saved Suwon FC, which had scored just 44 goals in 38 games this season. Suwon FC certainly deserved to survive.