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This could let clans REALLY return to wars

Submitted by Weismart on Mon, 05/10/2021 - 19:29

This wasn't what we planned to RuneScape Mobile gold happen, therefore, we have tweaked the principles so multiway combat can only be used in some specific conditions. Jagex doesn't like players to have an unfair advantage over people so here goes the easiest fix EVER! Make some Bounty Hunter worlds multiway battle and many others 1v1.

This could let clans REALLY return to wars, and might ease pressures. Now for the pjing fix: You have killed someone, and they had a fantastic kill on. You try to pick it up and when you do, someone sees your skull change and immedately starts to shout,"PEN!!! PEN!!"

Then you have half of bounty hunter after you. My idea for this fix too is: A 15 second grace period after a fall. Within this age you won't own a pickup penalty or a depart penalty. You might be permitted to pick up arrows, if you're ranging, because that's what gets me pens the maximum. Maybe you could be allowed to receive your kill, I don't know yet. In this period your skull abouve your mind dissappears. People can't tell if you pick up the kill or not.

After this grace period is over regular penalties apply, and your on your own. This would repel pjing because: The pjer would not know exactly what your kill's worth is. If he kills you, then you keep 3-4 items anyhow. If he fails to kill you, you can leave in your grace period. Tell me what you guys believe, since I'd really like to cheap OSRS gold bounty hunt with my clan again.