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Construction Features of Double Roll Crusher

Submitted by Tianli on Fri, 03/25/2016 - 00:07

This machine is a kind of pillow bearing block crushing equipment which is commonly used in such industry as cement, chemical, ore dressing and coal processing and it mainly crushes rock and ore materials with medium hardness. Its working process is: The fixed part of roller and movable roller are driven by the motor via reducer and v-belt, the raw materials fall into the part between the two rollers from inlet of the machine. The two rollers rotate inward simultaneously. The materials are extruded, crushed and ground, and then the end products come out from the bottom of this crusher. When in production, the customers can change the distance of the gap of the bottom of the two rollers according to the granularity of the finished products needed, and for this reason, the granularity of the final products manufactured by using this type of crushing machine is even and it also has the advantages of convenient adjustment of granularity scope.

The roll rotation is driven by the transmission of the triangle leather pillow block bearing belt. Located on both sides of the roll shaft, one side of the bearing is fixed onto the machine frame and the other side is fixed onto the moveable bearing block so that it is able to move along the frame in a level way which offers convenience to the discharging of the material that has been crushed. The tool post can be fixed onto the moveable bearing or installed on the frame of the fixed roller. When the roller leather of the bearings wears down and needs to install the cemented carbide cutting tools roller skin, the tool post walk will be a good helper. On both ends of the main shaft there is a chain wheel which is mainly used for changing the speed when cutting roller skin. The scraper on the bottom of the roll can remove the wet material that sticks on the crushed material in order to prevent that the crushed material is too wet and leads to machine adhesion and jam, thus causing even greater malfunctions.

In its design, the roller crusher often adopts long gear drive in order to keep the excellent driving performance of the crusher and prevent other circumstances cause the distance of the two rollers to change so the great changes may occur in its operation. The characteristics of the long gear drive are allowing the change of the central distance without damaging the mesh features and making sure the stable and reliable operation of the crushing equipment.

The roll crusher and some other crushing and grinding machines such as Raymond mill manufactured by Hongxing Machinery have the advantages as stable and reliable performance, excellent operation, high crushing ratio, even granularity of the final products so that they the perfect choice for breaking equipment used in building materials, limestone and coke processing industries and they enjoy great popularity in the market.

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