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Common Complaints with a Landlord: Poor Communication

When you move into a new apartment, you want to get to know the landlord and make sure that you are able to communicate with them well the whole time. But there are some landlords who are not good at communicating with others and they may not provide vital information to the tenant when it is necessary. This is actually one of the biggest complaints that a tenant will have when they pick an apartment to be their home.
Many renters are going to deal with a landlord who is not good at communicating. Due to this, they may feel like they are not aware of certain expectations and rules that relate to that property. Maybe you sign your lease, move into the apartment, and then you don’t hear from the landlord again for another year. Or maybe you are struggling because the landlord doesn’t seem to respond to some issues like noisy neighbors, maintenance requests, or other questions that you have along the way.
Early on in the new relationship that you form with the landlord, ask whether they are able to walk through your lease agreement. Ask them to point out the expectations or rules that they think are the most important. This is something that all landlords should do at the start, but if yours doesn’t, then ask them. As a tenant, you are the one responsible for reading the lease agreement and making sure you understand it. If you read through it and have some questions, then you can bring this up along the way.
Do your best on your side to keep the lines of communication open with the landlord. If you have a question or an issue with the apartment, then bring it up as soon as possible, whether the landlord lives on the property or they are somewhere nearby. Be sure to be friendly and say hello any time that you see them to keep those lines open. Establishing this relationship from the start will help build up more trust and makes it easier to talk to them later on.
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