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Colored braces: how to choose the perfect shade

Orthodontic appliances are usually the first method used to perfect a smile. If at the moment, you can't yet show off the perfect teeth you long for, there's still no reason to be ashamed of your orthodontic appliance. The elastic bands surrounding the bracket in metal or ceramic, in fact, they are available in a vast range of colors, so it is possible to choose your favorite shade. Whether you want to flatter your complexion or want a special look for a festive occasion, colorful braces can convey confidence for as long as you wear them. Here's how to choose the best colors to get for braces.
Colored braces and complexion
For your orthodontic appliance, you can choose shades that match your complexion. In the case of best braces colors for dark skin or olive skin, precious and bright colors are recommended, such as gold, turquoise, purple, or navy blue. Cold colors are more suitable for light skin, so in that case, the ideal choice falls on silver, light blue, pale pink, or lilac. Furthermore, by choosing the colors based on your complexion, the orthodontic appliance will always be in tune with your outfit since people generally wear clothes in the colors that suit them the most. 

Correct the color of the enamel with the orthodontic appliance
With a colored appliance, it is possible to create a chromatic contrast between the elastics and the teeth, thus optically correcting the color of the enamel.
If you are looking for braces colors that make your teeth look whiter, remember that if you have yellowed or stained teeth, it is better to choose darker colors, which make the enamel appear whiter. Avoiding yellow or orange bands, which do not create much contrast and can make the teeth appear yellow in turn. White might seem like a good idea, but in reality, your teeth may appear duller in comparison, and white bands can stain over time, so it's best to opt for another color.
Festive colors for orthodontic appliances
You can choose the Popular Color in Braces in 2022 based on your mood, a holiday, and even your favorite team since you can change your rubber bands every four to six weeks. Here are some fun colored braces ideas to try:

  • Alternate school colors
  • Red and green for Christmas
  • Orange and black for Halloween
  • Red, white, and blue colored braces for the summe
  • The colors of your favorite team
  • Bands that glow in the dark, clear by day but glowing green by night!


Take care of your orthodontic appliance.
Regardless of the color you choose, it is important to clean your teeth correctly, bracket, and elastic. Your orthodontist will advise on how to clean and maintain your braces, such as avoiding sticky foods, brushing your teeth twice a day, and using dental floss or a dental brush. Taking care of your teeth will keep the rubber bands clean and preserve their intense colors until it's time to replace them.
The orthodontic appliance must not make us look bad. Indeed, the right colored braces can improve your look while you wait to show off a perfect smile. By carefully choosing the color, you will be ready to smile at the world well before it's time to remove the orthodontic appliance.