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Choosing the image you want to turn into a bobblehead

Submitted by shanaallen on Tue, 11/30/2021 - 22:34

If you are thinking of a fun, personal gift, you need to make a personalised bobble head. Most people love cute and attractive dolls. It is even better when he is a small version of himself.
Custom bobblehead dolls can be placed almost anywhere and turn them into a great gift. You can place it on your car dashboard to drive small items, or place it on your desk to liven up your workspace. Wherever you decide to put it, it will definitely bring smiles and laughter to those who see it.
If you've ever wondered how these dolls are made, you have come to the right place. Below is a step-by-step process on how to make a Custom bobbleheadian doll.
Select an image
An important step in creating a custom bobblehead is choosing the image you want to turn into a bobblehead. This image can be a photo of you, a friend or a loved one. Some couples even make fake dolls to use as wedding cake toppings!
Ideally, it should provide large, clear photographs so that artists can easily create bobbleheaded dolls. If you want to get all the details, it is a good idea to provide some angles and photos such as profiles and beautiful signs of close-up on the face.
Choose a type
After presenting the image for the artist to use, the artist transfers it to the template to create a three-dimensional rendering of the head and face. At MinifyMe, artists use polymer soils that are certified non-toxic because they are hard and can be molded in a complex way.
The artist then takes the time to carefully and skillfully copy the presented images and uses only the best tools and techniques to create the desired fake doll.
Consulting and customer approval
Once the artist has completed the template, if the template needs to be edited, we will send the documents before the final production process and plan for consultation.
After the client approves the template, the artist makes the bobblehead doll template. It is important to keep in mind that with approval, you may not be able to make major changes to the head during construction. However, you can request a change in body style and color, but the shape and structure of the head remains the same.
Painting and assembly
Now that the cast is complete and the body is attached to it, the artist begins to bend his artistic skills and paint the doll with precision and elegance.
After the artist finishes painting the head and body parts, he assembles the doll. The head is attached to a hollow body to shake. The reason the head must be attached to the hollow body is that the weight of the head and the anchor system work in such a way that the head can be "shaken".
Packing and shipping
After preparation and testing of the doll, it will be sent directly by mail. Since customer satisfaction is paramount, any crochet doll will be great and have real similarities and will assure you that you will get the doll you imagine
Making custom bobblehead dolls at with the cooperation of customers and artists. From the first stages of the production process until the dolls are sent to you, the artists get all the details and requirements that you have provided. And if you have a Custom bobblehead doll, we can guarantee you have a big smile on your face.