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Choosing the Best Dumbbells For Home Gyms

The best dumbbells for home gyms are not that easy to choose. If you ask me, I will tell you that there is no such thing as a best gym equipment. It all depends on your body and what type of fitness activities you engage in. Take note that if you engage in intensive physical exercises or workouts, then the choice of weights and weight lifting equipment is very crucial. There are pros and cons of dumbbells in each category.

Dumbbells - Weight training with dumbbells can provide you the flexibility to perform a wide range of exercises. With adjustable dumbbells, you can safely exercise even your neck muscles. Your neck can be exercised safely since the weight is not so heavy that it can cause severe injury especially if you are exercising by using free weights.

Weights and weight plates - There is actually a third category of weights and weight lifting equipment which are known as weight plates. Weight plates and platforms are much cheaper compared to adjustable dumbbells. But when we talk about safety, there is still nothing much secure than using free weights. This is because even if the weights are not that heavy, it can cause serious injury to the spine or the neck if used improperly. You can use weight plates for weight training but you can only use them for small exercises.

Dumbbells - If you want to improve your overall physical health or your muscle tone, you can use dumbbells for workouts. Weight training with dumbbells will provide you more challenge and can make your muscle fibers stronger and larger. However, weight plates are ideal for lower body exercises like squats. They help you keep your balance during your workouts. This is essential in order for you to do exercises like lunges and other lower body movements properly.

Exercise range - One important factor that you have to consider when buying dumbbells for home gyms is exercise range. For exercises that target large group of muscles, you can use adjustable dumbbells. For exercises that focus on a small group of muscles, you can go for standard weight ranges. Remember, not all exercises are made for large or small groups of muscles so make sure that you measure your weight range first before buying dumbbells for home gyms.

Handles - Dumbbells come in different sizes so make sure that you also get the right handles. The handles must be of the same number of pounds. This is to prevent the dumbbells from swaying while you execute the exercise properly. A good example would be if you buy one pound handles, you can only use five pounds handles.

How to Choose Dumbbells for Home Use