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China Portable Single Gas Detector factory

Submitted by corey22ore on Mon, 05/29/2023 - 23:44

China Portable Single Gas Detector factory Portable combustible gas detector GDN-P02
The portable single gas detector GDN-P02 supports to test combustible gas, CO, O2, H2S, H2, NO,NO2, SO2 ,NH3, CL2, O3, HCL ,PH3, CO2 etc gas separately,uses high precision sensor from UK,test gas concentration by natural diffusion.
The portable combustible gas detector GDN-P02 is widely is widely used in metallurgy, electric factory, chemical, mines, tunnels, underground pipes etc, effectively prevent toxic accident.
Technical Data:
鈼?Gas Detected锛欳ombustible gas, such as methane, LPG, Hydrogen, etc.
鈼?Other gases can be detected as required.
鈼?Range: 0-100%LEL
鈼?Response time: T90<30s
鈼?Indication: Large STN LCD indicates real time and system state
鈼?Alarm indication: Wide-angled light emitting diode, 85db buzz(the frequency of buzz depends the density),vibrating.
鈼?Fault indication: indications of Zero point drift and sensor failure.
鈼?Operating temperature: -30 锝?+ 50 degree
鈼?Humidity: 锛?95%RH non-condensing
鈼?Voltage: DC3.7V Li-ion battery 1200mAh
鈼?Charging time: 4h~6h
鈼?Duration of operation: flammable gas 鈮?8 (non-stopped); toxic gas 鈮?300h(non-stopped).
鈼?IP Grade: IP66.
鈼?Weight: about 120g(including battery)
鈼?Dimension: 102 mm脳56mm脳26mm.China Portable Single Gas Detector factory