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Chanel Takes Flight for Spring 2016

Submitted by kellynina on Thu, 11/05/2015 - 23:37


Bon voyage! Chanel took flight at the Grand Palais in Paris today. Guests walked into a Chanel airport complete with airline check-in desks, luggage conveyor belts, and departure and arrival screens, which listed all of the chic locales where the brand has held its special Métiers d’Arts shows including Singapore, Dubai, Dallas, Salzburg, Shanghai, New York, Moscow, London, Tokyo, and Seoul.  Upon entering “Chanel Airlines,” guests were handed a fashion week newspaper called Stiletto Daily (we’re flattered Karl, really) with a cover story about Chanel, bien sûr. 

According to Stiletto Daily, the show seated an incredible 2,555 guests and took 10 days to set up. Mind you, there have been shows going on at the Grand Palais every day this week. Chanel airlines was located at terminal 2C, gate 5, and the chicly clad clientele wore silk, ottoman, tweeds, and lurex. Models sported twin ponytails in barrettes, a hair style called le double catogan in a sketch by Karl Lagerfeld that was handed out at the show. The newspaper also mentions the 2.55 denim bag that will be available come January (there’s the big push!) and the showdown match between Chanel and Courrèges declared by Roland Barthes in 1967 in Marie Claire. But per usual, this show wasn’t about old times. It was thoroughly modern, just as Karl likes it.

To that end, muse Cara Delevingne sat perched front row with girlfriend St. Vincent as she admired the backward baseball caps, sandals with pearl-like details that lit up like the lights on airport runways, and sequined jackets paired with oversized denim skirts. Delevingne seemed delighted, as she should, since the collection was felt mostly inspired by her chic, sporty, laid-back ‘tude. Of course, there were chic carry-ons and luggage, and models pretended to check in with attendants for flights at airport desks. The clothes were cool and there were so many memorable pieces, it’s hard to say which will be the first to fly off shelves, but certainly the baseball caps and light-up sandals.

As for the front row? VIP guests like Delevingne, St. Vincent, Hudson Kroenig, Stephen Gan, Carine Roitfeld, Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni, Amy Astley, and Eva Chen were seated in airport chairs in the center of the venue (Karl Lagerfeld knows how to orchestrate a good Instagram moment). Interestingly, some of the chairs were left empty. Perched on the usual front rows were the standard crowd of top EIC’s plus, Lagerfeld favorites Lily-Rose Depp and mother Vanessa Paradis, who were mobbed by photographers. Despite everyone’s efforts, albeit on lower budgets, to create a spectacle, few can come close to the Kaiser at Chanel. All aboard! Read more at: Prom dresses 2016 &  Sexy prom dresses uk