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Can mold exposure cause thyroid problems

Mold triggers thyroid problems, by increasing inflammation in the body. In fact, when talked about if environmental causes of hypothyroidism, mold, and toxins are the two most common causes which trigger thyroid problems, by increasing inflammation in the body. - mold exposure treatment doctors

Mold and Thyroid Antibodies
The exact mechanism underlying Thyroid illness especially Hashimoto’s disease is still a mystery. What we know is that Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune condition and the underlying culprit is antibodies that are destroying the thyroid gland, but the question is are thyroid antibodies and mold connected?

Ultimately this destruction causes hypothyroidism, which is your thyroid's inability to produce thyroid hormone anymore.

This is the time where people are started on Levothyroxine the most common thyroid medication.
But the real problem which started this inflammation is never understood and the inflammation continues in these patients.

That’s precisely the reason that once you are diagnosed with thyroid problem like Hashimoto’s, several years later on you end up with more medical issues like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, or Thyroid nodules and even thyroid cancer.

So it is very important for us to pay attention to the real root cause of inflammation problems so that we can work on it and safeguard your future. 

What we at least know at this point in time is that Hashimoto’s disease is an interplay between environmental factors and genetic factors.

The genetics factors are basically the blueprint which determines a lot of your body functioning. But if we identify which environmental causes of hypothyroidism are causing your body to react, then we can help your body genetic structure to get rid of that triggering factor. 

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