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Can artichokes help your liver?

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We present a list with the most important properties of the artichoke, which help the body in many ways
The artichoke is one of the seasonal vegetables of the fall and winter, since its harvest covers from October to April. It is a very complete food, since in addition to being able to cook in a myriad of ways, the properties of the artichoke are very beneficial for humans.
The artichoke is actually the flower, not ripe, of the artichoke. Its shape resembles a set of leaves in the form of scales, some superimposed on top of the other. And although there are thousands of varieties, few of them are cultivated. This vegetable tends to be green in most cases, although there are also purple ones.
Among the countries with the highest production of artichokes in the world is Spain. Specifically, the areas of Murcia and the Valencian Community are the ones that grow the most alacchofas. Within our territory, more than 30% of the world's artichokes are grown and produced, being the second largest producer of this product. Above is only Italy, although France and parts of North Africa are also placing where artichokes are produced in large quantities. In short, the countries of the Mediterranean basin are the ones that cultivate it the most.
We are talking about a historical food, since it has been recorded since Egyptian times. Already at that time its composition was greatly valued, with some properties of the artichoke that benefited people's bodies
Its high content in water, fiber and inulin directly relate it to a positive product for digestion, fat burning and cholesterol control.
The properties of artichoke to prevent cholesterol
One of the most common cardiovascular diseases today is undoubtedly cholesterol. It is a problem that, in turn, can lead to other more serious diseases, such as angina pectoris or myocardial infarction.
A sedentary lifestyle and a very high consumption of animal fats can lead to higher cholesterol, while there are other dietary practices that can help prevent and even reduce it.
This is what different studies show, such as this one entitled 'Usefulness of the extract of alcuacil leaves in the treatment of hypercholesterolemia’, by a Nutrition student from the Isalud University of Argentina.
It follows that the leaves of the artichoke, "both in drops, in capsules or also in the version of dry extracts is recommended for the treatment of mild to moderately high cholesterol in the blood”. This study also clarifies that this effectiveness is linked to people with mild or moderate cholesterol levels.
Therefore, its consumption for this purpose is recommended to this group of people, as well as to those who want to prevent this disease. Those who have high cholesterol levels are also susceptible to taking artichoke leaves, since it is not a negative thing, although in these cases they must complete a treatment recommended by their doctor, since the effectiveness is not so marked with the sole consumption of leaves of artichoke.
The same is stated in this other study, in this case from an investigation by the University of Reading, United Kingdom.
The properties of the artichoke as a natural digestive
Many people suffer from digestive complaints on a daily basis. Problems derived from poor digestion of food by your body.
In this case, various investigations have also been carried out on the role of the properties of the artichoke to improve digestive discomfort.
For example, the study 'Effects of artichoke juice in the treatment of digestive discomfort. Results of an observational study ‘, published in the Journal of Phytotherapy in May 2010, confirm this theory.
Thus, one of the properties of the artichoke is precisely this, that of alleviating digestive discomfort. As the aforementioned study concludes, patients who drink artichoke juice for six weeks already notice the results perfectly, which increase if consumption is prolonged for twelve weeks.
The artichoke, a very balanced and healthy food
The high-water content that artichokes contain, added to their high fiber content and specific nutrients, make this food a perfect product for balanced diets.
Surely, we have all heard of the artichoke diet. You have to be very careful, since it is not only about eating artichokes, it is about combining artichokes with other vegetables and healthy foods, such as fruits, vegetables or proteins.
The food that must be consumed daily if this type of diet is followed is, of course, the artichoke, cooked and prepared in different ways or as you like.
This diet is not a miracle, but you should follow the instructions of a nutritionist and combine artichokes properly with other balanced foods. All this, together with a routine of physical exercise, causes an acceleration of fat burning.
And here they do have to see the properties of the artichoke. This food, in addition to avoiding fluid retention, is very low in calories and high in fiber , as we have already mentioned. It also promotes fat burning and, therefore, it is a perfect product to include in weight loss diets. These diets should always be supervised by a professional.
Artichokes, protagonists of recipes of all kinds
Once we know the properties of the most important artichokes, we are going to see how they are cooked and in what types of dishes we can include them.
Artichokes can make a dish on their own, or they can be included as a garnish in other recipes. As an independent dish, we can cook them on the grill, in tempura or stuffed with other foods.
As an accompaniment, they can appear in rice dishes, pasta dishes, in stews or as a garnish for meat and fish.
It is important to know how to choose an artichoke and how to peel and cook it , processes that you can learn if you take a look at these articles that we recommend.
In short, the artichoke is one of the healthiest autumns and winter seasonal vegetables. The properties of the artichoke have great benefits for humans and, in addition, it is a very healthy and non-greasy product. We can cook it in a multitude of dishes and it leaves a very special flavor to the dishes in which it is included.
With all this, surely more than one includes this food in their daily diet. And for those who already do, what is your favorite artichoke dish?

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