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buy fifa coins at PS4 Sleep Mode Download "FIFA 16"


EA football masterpiece "FIFA 16" beta test is currently being carried out in the hot fifa coins cheapest, but many players find themselves in the game somehow encounter data corruption problems. After an investigation found that the accident culprit is sleep mode. And the detail reason you can see in .

So that players don't understand is why the download fifa16 at ps4 dormant state will make the game crash data. In general,
Best FIFA Coin Website although the new game just released, certainly there will be some problems, but does not appear to arise in the process of downloading data corruption phenomenon, players on the problems of the feedback, we hope for the EA company resolve this problems as soon as possible. In this case, the official may give some 
The game high property values can enhance your game levels, you can buy fifa 16 ps4 coins reward to the players as a apologize.

In the most recent EA received a lot of feedback, the content are probably hard downloaded "FIFA 16" beta version to crash because the data can not be used. After a EA some investigation, they found that these players are in the game so that when you download PS4 into sleep mode after a very long time to download, enter power-saving sleep mode and does not affect download PS4 has become a lot
compare fifa coin sellers of players to choose from. But it is clear that "FIFA 16" beta version of the download and PS4 sleep mode bit compatible, so it was a wide range of data crashes.

EA subsequently carried out on this issue deal with the accident: Since hibernation affects the download, then do not in sleep mode download
fifa coins.