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Buy and Sell Star Citizen aUEC in a Cheap and Safe Way Online

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About Star Citizen aUEC

One of the biggest MMOs to be released in the gaming industry, Star Citizen is an advanced/futuristic themed game. Ranging from multiple planets to even galaxies, you have pretty much control over everything here.

In the Unendingly Massive World of Star Citizen if you want to purchase something you need to have the in-game currency. Star Citizen has an official currency of UEC, also referred to as the United Earth Credits that are used to buy items, weapons, equipment, shields, and so on.

As the game is even before the Alpha Stage, you can only get the aUEC as a testing currency. So, for now, the main currency before the full launch of the game is aUEC, which might face changes with updates.

aUEC (Alpha United Earth Credits)
In the Alpha phase of the Star Citizen, you will be presented with aUEC or known as Alpha United Earth Credits. This Currency isn’t the permanent one, but rather for the in-game balance and economic testing (Alpha Phase).

According to the needs of the test, you will have a basic balance in your account to start with. That balance is around 2.75k and will probably vanish within the early stage.

Earning aUEC and Spending Them
You can do missions in the mobiGlas to earn these in-game credits but once you log into the Verse, the aUEC gained or lost won’t be affected on the website. To view them, you need to check the in-game scenario.

Furthermore, you can use this hard-earned aUEC to purchase equipment/items and upgrade or repair the ships. So, having more aUEC will make things much simpler for your journey.

Earning aUEC is exceptionally difficult once you figure out that the is in the development phase and new patches can simply change your hard-earned aUEC amount. In this case, our MMOPIXEL Star Citizen aUEC provides you with the best services to purchase these in-game credits without having to worry about losing your hard-earned credits getting lost.

Why need to buy Star Citizen aUEC?
As we already mentioned that Star Citizen is a massive game, even considered among the biggest MMO games in history. Well, this might look cool, but in reality, players face a lot of trouble keeping alive.

You have to take care of a lot of things here, like your ship that needs to be looked after, the equipment, and then your reputation. The first thing you need to aim for is to become a citizen and then make a name for yourself. If you can’t become a citizen, you are a nobody here.

Looking after so many things you might even get squeezed to the corner in your galaxy and face a lot of damage in Star Citizen. This is where the need to purchase Star Citizen aUEC comes into consideration.

When you don’t worry about doing hard work to earn those aUEC, you can focus more on becoming a Citizen and then earning fame for yourself. You will get a head start and always have that extra credit in your pocket in case anything goes unexpected.

Here at MMOPIXEL, we provide you with a professional and secure purchase of Star Citizen aUEC.

Why Choose MMOPIXEL.COM To Buy Star Citizen aUEC?
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How to Buy Star Citizen aUEC?
Buying Star Citizen aUEC is simpler than ever before. Just head over to the MMOPIXEL Star Citizen and decide the amount of aUEC you would like. Amazingly, you don’t have to make an account here on our website to purchase credits. It is essential only in the case when you want to keep track of your transactions.

When you have made a decision, simply click on the “Add to Cart” and then proceed with the payment. Our professional service members are always available in case you are not sure about anything.

After the Payment is done, the respective seller will make a contact and provide you with details on where to get the Credits in the game.