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The business of desire is a "decentralized" realistic sex doll in the age of intelligence!

Based on silicone dolls, the bisexual robots formed by endowing intelligence with intelligence have taken the lead in entering our private life as a special force before the arrival of full-scale hostility between man and machine.
With the title of "the first realistic sex doll experience center in China", the "Ai Aile" near Foxconn has attracted attention on the Internet. According to the Internet, since its opening in September 2018, there have been thousands of "experience" customers. .

The anime sex doll experience hall reflects the sex and love of modern people
As the first person to eat crabs, the store manager Li Bo seems to have opened up another market. In fact, the underlying logic of starting a business is to solve the specific needs of a certain group of people. It is undeniable that although the anime sex doll experience has caused great controversy, it is still Demand. Following this, the "adult experience hall" of love dolls also appeared in many places, and its business model is called "sharing sex dolls" or "using robots to provide customers with paid sexual experience".

The huge demand crowd has made the experience of silicone dolls see a huge market, and the huge controversy has also made people see the contradiction between people's needs and the anxiety brought about by intelligence with the development of technology. The enthusiasm for attention is shrouded in uncertainty about the era of intelligence, and perhaps we can think more about it.

Poor people need male sex doll, but can't afford it
70% of the adult products in the world are produced in China, male sex doll is one of them.

Silicone dolls, also known as sex dolls, are adult toys with a high degree of authenticity. Its great function is to provide sexual services. In the past, I heard more about inflatable dolls in movies and reports. With the revolution of technology, the evolution of materials, and people's demand for artificial human toys, more sexual fantasies may be needed, such as visual and tactile ones. Stimulation, psychological satisfaction, so the current silicone doll appeared.

The desire business of flat chested sex doll experience is a huge business opportunity in the market. With the help of technology, it may achieve rapid development. From the current situation and prospects, it is still optimistic and can be expected. But from a deeper ethical point of view in the machine age, we still have not been able to establish an ethical framework that can match the future of both genders. On the one hand, it is expressed in worries about the prospect of artificial intelligence; on the other hand, it is "decentralized". The impact of sexuality on traditional concepts of sexuality may require us to think more.