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Binance Exchange Clone

Submitted by milad on Fri, 05/13/2022 - 22:20

About Binance
Binance is an exchange or cryptocurrency exchange platform that was founded in2017by Changpeng Zhao and that, since 2018, has been considered the exchange platform with the largest trading volume in the world. This fact allows you to trade more than200 digital assets. The company has established its headquarters in the country of Malta, although it has offices in some main Asian countries such as China or Japan. Binance is the pure cryptocurrency exchange par excellence, whose main function is to connect the buyer and the seller of a transaction, acquiring the position of the intermediary.
Another characteristic fact is that the founders of Binance created a token called Binance Coin (BNB) in 2017 that served them to obtain financing. In July of that same year, through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) they managed to raise 15 million dollars. Currently, the BNB is a means to reduce commissions by platform users through promotions.
Finally, at the trading level, it is the leading platform not only because of the high volume of daily operations it hosts but also because of the rewards it offers to those users who have the highest volume of operations traded on the platform for a certain period of time.

What Is Binance Exchange Clone?
Binance Exchange Clone is the clone of the Binance, assimilating all the essential features and interfaces of Binance with customization options. They do not infringe any copyrights, as they could be structured protecting the privacy and respecting the terms and conditions of the Binance exchange. Due to its customization options, there is more space for the owners to align according to their business requirements. Binance Clone Script is a set of source code that contains all trading functionalities of the Binance exchange website. Binance script allows you to customize the features according to the current digital trend & it allows you to change brand name, logo, theme, design according to your business needs at that moment.

Benefits of Binance Clone Script
• Secure and Instant payment transaction
• The Latest technology stacks
• User-friendly dashboards for crypto traders.
• Supports Multiple Payments
• Multi-lingual Supports

Features of Binance Clone App
• Advanced UI/UX
• Highly Secured & Attractive user-friendly interface
• You can access it anywhere at any time
• KYC/AML process
• Push Notifications & Alert
• Supports many cryptocurrencies and tokens.
• Customer Feedback
• live chat with traders
• Fast and secure transactions
• Multi-language support
• In app authentication
• Integrate advanced trading features and security features.
• Time Out Session
• Fingerprint Unlocking

Security Features of Binance Clone
• HTTPs authentication
• Biometric authentication
• Jail login
• Data encryption
• Two-factor authentication
• SQL injection prevention
• Anti-Denial of Service(DoS)
• Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) protection
• Server-Side Request Forgery(SSRF) protection
• Escrow services
• Anti-Distributed Denial of Service

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