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Benefits of Exercising with a Weighted Vest

If you are thinking about starting or expanding your weight lifting program, then there is a good chance that you have heard about the benefits of working out with a weighted vest. While these exercises may look easy and boring to you, they really go a long way when done correctly. In fact, they have been used for years as a means of increasing the power and intensity of bodyweight exercises, and now they have become an integral part of many workout routines. Here are just a few of the benefits of working out with a weighted vest:

Weighted vests can help you add a new dimension or 'pulley' to your workout routine. You can work several muscle groups at once without the risk of tearing or straining your muscles, as occurs if you perform the same exercises with just your arms or legs. A well-designed weight vest can add resistance to your exercises so that you work all of your muscles with just your bodyweight. This is especially great for people who find it difficult or even impossible to add weight to their exercise regimen. By putting your entire body weight into each workout, you can develop stronger, bulkier muscles.

One of the primary benefits of working out with a workout vest is that it will help you increase your overall fitness. It is not uncommon for workout vests to include adjustable weights in the torso section, which will allow you to change the amount of weight you push against the fabric as you workout. By varying the intensity of your workouts and forcing your muscles to handle different amounts of weight, you can train each group of muscles differently, which results in increased fitness overall. Vests also help you increase your overall range of motion, which is always a plus for any athlete.

Because you are supported by a full set of weights when you use a workout vest, it will force you to use all of your muscles during each workout session. Because of this, you will find that you will be able to burn more calories while you are working out. When you are completing one single repetition on a workout machine or under a particular amount of weight, you will be engaging more muscles, which results in your body burning more calories. In addition, because the muscles are engaged, it becomes more difficult for the heart to pump blood and creating waste products, resulting in a higher level of energy during your workout.

Weighted vests can also help you tone up, especially if you wear them while working out. Because the vests are generally made of sturdy cotton canvas or other high-density fabrics, they will hold up well against any amount of stress you place on them. Because they are so durable, you will not have to worry about them getting torn or ripped during your workouts. The material they are made of will also keep you cool as you sweat through your workout, allowing you to continue working out without getting overheated. Because you are supported by a full load bearing bottom, you will be able to workout for longer periods of time before your body gives up, resulting in a higher quality of workout. This can help you maintain a high level of strength throughout your workout, as well as keep you looking lean and fit for years to come.

Finally, weighted vests offer you many options when it comes to adding additional workouts to your routine. By wearing multiple vests during your routine, you can perform basic lifts such as bicep curls and triceps extensions. You can also work your legs by performing squats and lunges, as well as other exercises that focus on your thighs and calves. You can also do cardio work, such as jogging or running in place, as well as swimming, all of which can increase your metabolism and burn off tons of calories. For a complete body workout, it is hard to beat a set of exercise vests when it comes to maximizing your results during your workout.